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The list below provides many options for becoming involved with the Town of Collingwood. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!


Awards/Arts & Culture

  • Arts & Culture Award Nominees
    The Arts & Culture Awards are presented each year in September. Nominations open in the Spring and anyone can submit a nomination.
  • Mayor's Greeting Card Artwork
    Stay tuned for more details on submitting artwork for the Mayor's Greeting Card artwork contest and watch the Town Page for details!

Boards & Committees


  • Annual Budget Process
    The annual budget is one of the most important and most complicated documents produced by a municipality. Have your say in how tax dollars are allocated each year during the annual budget process.

Collingwood Projects

  • Waterfront Master Plan
    The Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP) was approved in September 2015 and identified Public Access to a Revitalized Waterfront as a key goal for the community. Council awarded the contract for the development of a Waterfront Master Plan to BrookMcIlroy Inc. at the January 18, 2016 Council meeting. Council adopted the Waterfront Master Plan at the meeting held November 28, 2016. You can view the report here:


  • Parks, Recreation & Culture Framework for Well-Being in Collingwood
    The Town of Collingwood Parks, Recreation and Culture Department is looking to the future as it begins to draft a 2017 Master Plan. Identified as an action item in the 2015 Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP), the updated PRC Master Plan will serve as a roadmap for the department for the next 10 years and will include an assessment of existing and future park land needs. Public input will form a key part of the background to drafting the Master Plan. With several public meetings, open houses, and a survey planned, the public will have many opportunities to share their vision for a healthy, creative and active community. 

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