Collingwood 150 for 150

Challenging our community to plant 150 trees to commemorate Canada 150!

Trees planted in 2017:

Our community is already seeing the evidence of the invasive emerald ash borer as the ash is the second most common tree in Collingwood.

Council has issued a tree-planting challenge, to commemorate Canada 150, and to help bring the total number of trees planted in Collingwood in 2017 to 150. Residents are encouraged to plant trees during the months of October and November and to let the municipality know when they have planted a tree so that a website tree tally can be updated.

This project supports the Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP) goal of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through preservation of the natural environment.

Planting Tips

Choosing the right tree: A resource from Peterborough Green Up that can be helpful for Collingwood residents deciding which type of tree to plant.

Planting and caring for trees: A resource from Peterborough Green Up that can be helpful for Collingwood residents caring for their newly planted trees.

Have you planted a tree?

Let us know using the form below when you've planted a tree, and we'll update our website tally! Want to show off your tree? Share it on Facebook or Twitter and tag it with #Cwood150!