Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Background: Raising Healthy Kids Together

With the support of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario communities are taking action to promote the health of children through healthy eating, physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.  Every nine months, Healthy Kids Community Challenge will launch a new theme related to physical activity or healthy eating. 

Theme 1: Run. Jump. Play Every Day. promotes physical activity through active play, active transportation and sports activities.

Theme 2: Water Does Wonders, encourages choosing water as your first choice of drink throughout the day.

Theme 3: Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit encourages kids and families to make vegetables and fruit a part of every meal and snack. Vegetables and fruit both contain important nutrients for children's growing bodies.

Theme 4: Power Off & Play! Let's find a healthy balance. Kids love to learn and play on their devices. But when they spend lots of time in front of screens, they have less free time for other helathy activities. That's why finding a healthy balance is important. Fill your kids day with plenty of physical acitivity, face-to-face interactions, family time and fun!

Join in on the fun and take part in one of the many Healthy Kids Community Challenge Collingwood activities. Click on the links below to learrn more!
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Project Manager 
Jennifer Parker
T. 705-444-2500 Ext.3260

Upcoming Events

Mobile Park Program 
The Mobile Park Program returns this summer, it all starts July 3rd. Check out the dates, times & locations by clicking on the Mobile Park Program icon. Pick-up a Power Off & Play activity craft card on your visit. There will be a new activity craft card each week. Missed this week's park visits? No problem, download the activity craft card from our webpage. Click on the Imagination Playground icon.
Enjoy the book The Fabulous Friend Machine by Nick Bland.
Power Off & Play Cards
Pick-up a Power Off & Play tracking card this summer to help monitor recreational screen time. With your card you will receive a magnet, white board pen and stickers to support the Be Well healthy, active living tips. Cards are available at Centennial Aquatic Centre Power Off & Play Station, Collingwood YMCA Power Off & Play Station and the Collingwood Public Library Children's Section.
Take the Water Does Wonders Pledge
We can all make tap water easier to access. By taking the pledge, you are affirming your commitment to help children sip less sugar. Visit or click on the Water Does Wonders icon to check-out all of the great resources and take the pledge today!

Department Contacts

Director, Parks, Recreation & Culture
Dean Collver   
Phone: 705-444-2500 x3238

Administrative Assistant
Amanda Norris   
Phone: 705-444-2500 x3236

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