We want to hear from you about accessibility

We hope you agree from our information on these pages that Collingwood is committed to accessibility. But to meet this commitment, we need your help.  We’ve provided these tools so you can help us make the Town more accessible:

Barrier Identification Form:  Use this form to tell us about problems or barriers to accessibility in Town and to give us suggestions about how to reduce or erase these barriers.

Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form: Let us know if Town Staff treated you accessibly.  We want to know how we can improve and what we are doing right!

Accessible Business SurveyIf you own or manage a business in Collingwood, tell us about your accessibility features so we can include you on our Accessible Business Page.

We’re also interested in your ideas around accessibility.  During Access Awareness Week, in the last week of May, we asked people who came to Town Hall to answer the question “What Does Accessibility mean to you?”  Here are their answers:


·         Access to: transportation, employment, entertainment and housing

·         Affordability

·         Affordable housing

·         Badminton for seniors at Admiral Collingwood

·         Be able to do all you are capable of doing

·         Choice

·         Community

·         Compassion

·         Control over my own life

·         Elvis Festival and dancing

·         Equality X2  ***

·         Equity X2 ***

·         Feeling secure that someone will help me if I need help

·         Freedom X 5  ******

·         Getting around town

·         Getting involved

·         Grateful that Collingwood has transit and stores my mum can use

·         Great idea!

·         Helping friends

·         I would be able to see out of both eyes

·         Inclusiveness X2***

·         Inclusion

·         Independently

·         Independence

·         Involvement

·         Lowered fees for sports for my kids

·         Lucky to live here

·         Making it easy

·         No divisions and excluding

·         On my own

·         Opportunity

·         Participation

·         Personalized support

·         Positive attitude and accommodations

·         Remember invisible disabilities and different ways of learning

·         Respect

·         Safe

·         Scent free X2 ***

·         Someone to read to me. I can’t read or write

·         Support for family caretakers of people with illness and disability

·         Take Allergies seriously

·         We all need it!!

·         We love the playground at Black Ash Park!


We also want to know if you can access the information on this website or on our Town Page every week. Documents are available in alternate formats upon request. If you require an accessible format or communication support, please contact the Clerk's Department at 705-445-1030 or by email at clerk@collingwood.ca to discuss how best we can meet your needs.