Art In Town Hall

Welcome to Art in Town Hall, a program to showcase the work of local artists and artist groups with exhibitions in Council Chambers!

About the Program:

Art in Town Hall is administered by the Parks, Recreation & Culture department with the goal to showcase the creativity and talent of Collingwood and area artists. It’s free to the artists and there’s no commission on works sold.

The artwork is exhibited in Council Chambers, 2nd floor of Town Hall. The public may view the artwork between the hours of 8:30 - 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday unless there is a meeting or event in session. For more information contact or 705-444-2500 ext. 3287.

Applications from artists of all levels are welcome. Collingwood artists and group exhibitions are given preference.  

About the Current Exhibit:

Flower Works by Anke Lex
Artist Statement:
Pottery was not my first earthy pursued. It is a love that came later in life. As a young woman, I choose the field of horticulture. I think fondly of the years as young horticulture apprentice. Spending time in the fields amplified my love for nature. I studied the textures, colours, shapes and even designs, as natures designs are always perfect. I'm drawn to the calm that overtakes me when I am in nature.
Over the past four years I have been bemused by flower vases creations. Beautiful shaped vessels, often representing the shape of the female body, containing all types of flowers, fascinated by their sensual shapes and colours. Most of my flower creations have been mounted on salvaged boards that come out of old houses as the old growth forest wood creates a sense of wonder. I use the maiolica technique. Maiolica is very dear to my heart. I cherish the bold and vibrant colours you can achieve, and just like the salvaged boards, a sense of mystery and depth that connects us to a time and people before us.
Maiolica is a technique rich in culture and history. It is a term for white tin glaze on earthenware clay, decorated with coloured stains. It has its roots in the medieval Islamic world and is believed to have come through the port of Mallorca, hence the name, to Spain and Italy and later to the rest of Europe.


Looking for a place to show your artwork? Please see the application below or contact
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