Collingwood Art on the Street

Celebrating Art and Artists in Collingwood!

The 2017 Collingwood Art on the Street brochure is available on May 18. Pick up a copy at the Parks, Recreation & Culture Office, 55 Ste Marie St. or at the Collingwood Museum, 45 St Paul St.

To view the brochure online click here

Cover artists for the 2017 brochure, are Ryan A. Sobkovich (banner) and Brittany Lauren (chair). Thank you to all of this year's participating artists listed below with bios and contact information.

List of 2017 Participating Artists

MJ Blais is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute who included symbolic references from all regions of Canada in her banner design for Canada 150.

Carol E. Bowden was inspired to paint by the landscapes and the abundant wildlife of the Collingwood area.

Emma Bowen is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

T. Bradley Bremner is a semi-Irish Gemini, creative woodworker and graphic designer who loves Trina, nature and quiet reflection.

Eleanor Burke is a retired fine arts educator with BFA and OCA, Banff School of Fine Arts, and Geisler-Moroder School of Wood Carving in Austria.

Myles Calvert explores the relationships that develop between everyday objects of comfort and popular culture interferences.

Jordy Carlson Campagna is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

Jenna Currie is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.                                                        

Sophie Dagenais is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

Louis M. Davies creates art images rendered in an interpretive realistic style, combining passion and learned skills with local and international experience.

Erika Dick paints mainly in oil. She lives and paints in her studio at Lake Eugenia and welcomes visitors to her gallery and to her Bed & Breakfast, “Lakeside Holiday”. Her paintings often depict Killarney, Ontario’s North and Georgian Bay. She is also known for her colourful sunsets.

Shayna Donovan is a grade 12 student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute and future student of the University of Guelph. She tries to work in as many mediums as possible; from sculpting wit clay to designing lapel pins.

Cameron Donsberger is a professional performer, vocal instructor and visual artist and recent arrival from Toronto now living in the beautiful Grey-Bruce region.

Bonnie Dorgelo creates contemporary and abstract paintings in acrylic, mixed media and oil, inspired by the colourful spirit of nature.

Lee Ellis is a local resident of 4 years, and a Certified Interior decorator. 

Carly Foubert is a recent graduate from Carleton University in Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Art History. She loves to run and hike and through her work has developed a passion for community-based projects and research.            

Bonnie Foxcaptures beauty in ordinary places. She loves to wander with her camera, composing and creating images. To see the world through Bonnie’s lens visit

Nicolo Gallo has a passion for art and design and uses positive energy to create paintings with a purely spiritual meaning.

Jason George is a world traveler that enjoys capturing special and unique moments of animals and people in their natural element.             

M. Yvonne Gibson is a local artist/photographer who likes to create her art from the Southern Georgian Bay Area and is the present Chair of Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts.

Ashley Groves is a student of York University who consistently develops techniques to encourage innovation and product improvement.

Lisa Hannaford is an internationally collected artists known for her bright, colourful landscapes and still lifes.

Samantha Harris is an event planning student and aspiring part-time artist from Southern Ontario.

Rebecca Herman is a grade 12 student from Collingwood who enjoys track and field, art, archery, and hanging out with her family.   

Leslie Hockley works mainly in acrylic and watercolour and is inspired by Canada’s landscapes and creatures. She is a former OCAD student.

Ruth Hurdle is an artist, muralist and teacher who loves to paint the local landscape en plein air.

Lazarus Ioannou is an award winning artist creating unique dream-like images of Canada’s natural landscape, painting textures and moods with passion.

Liam Jackson-Hoagg is a grade 9 student who started painting while on exchange in Australia.

Pauline Jennett creates with a variety of mediums and enjoys learning and experimenting.

Lily Jewer

Haley Johnson Taylor is a grade 6 student at Admiral Collingwood Public School who has taken classes at the Bay School of Art as well as in Florida.

MJ Jones is a resident Grey County artists that creates, exhibits, organizes and promotes local art.

Suzanne Kalinich is a local landscape artist working mostly with acrylic and inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Georgian Bay area.

Cindy Kennedy lives locally and enjoys working in many medium with bright and bold colours as well as black and white.  Her work can be viewed at

Brittany Lauren holds an advanced diploma in the arts from Sheridan College and is inspired by our cultural differences and daily interactions.

Xan Lazaridis majored in Fine Arts and Ceramics. She is a local artist living in Wasaga Beach. Her photos have shown at BMFA in Collingwood.

Bronwyn and Campbell MacLean are a creative mother and son team who are new to Collingwood and enjoy sharing their love of art.

The Magic of Children in the Arts is a yearly exhibition of children’s art from the Collingwood community and held at the Collingwood Public Library.

Kathryn McMillan is a painter and retired teacher who splits her time between Collingwood, Florida her husband, her kids and her cats.

Abbi Meyers is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

Libby Mourant is a working mom of two living in Wasaga Beach.

Keagan Munro is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute whose banner image represents Collingwood and the waters of Georgian Bay during the early history of the town. 

Khy-Lee Newton is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

Shirley O’Reilly Joost enjoys attending painting classes at The Bay School of Art and also just painting at home.  Shirley is an active member of Gaslight Community Theatre, which also provides ample opportunities for expression.  She love bright colours, whimsical designs and creating with kids.

Julia Parish is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

Anne M. Poirier loves to paint vibrant and whimsical art of the Collingwood area.

Irene Pradyszczuk shoots landscape and minimalist photographs inspired by the sky, the water and the natural surroundings of the area.

Erica Prinn-McCarthy is the owner The Virtual Tour Company and specializes in Real Estate Photography. Her artistic photography hangs in a number of local establishments.

Savannah Ring is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

Judy Scopes finds inspiration in architectural and landscape themes. Her imaged depict the beauty in her country and places she has visited.

Ryan A. Sobkovich is a 21 year old local landscape artist who is inspired by beautiful wilderness areas around Georgian Bay.

James Spoor is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute, his banner shows Canada’s 150 celebration through the number 1 on the train for the Northern Railroad that once transported material into Collingwood and across Canada, the 5 in the headdress and 0 in the face of the Collingwood’s clock tower.  

Ofra Svorai is a full-time artist whose paintings represent an appreciation for the beauty of nature around Georgian Bay and the Beaver Valley.  

Alexis Taylor is a student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

Polly Taylor combines colour and simple design to create whimsical greeting cards and kids art.

William Vancise teaches Visual Arts at CCI and is inspired by his local surroundings, fellow artists, teaching, and the rural recreation of the family farm lifestyle.

Dragica Vidakovic lives and works in Collingwood. Her paintings are timeless vignettes inspired by people, their stories, and the surroundings.

Dar West creates exciting and constantly evolving new works expressed in vibrant colours. Visit her gallery in Maxwell open by chance or appointment.

Paulette West works in different media, from painting, to collage and sculpture.  Her studio will be open to the public during the Victoria Day weekend and Thanksgiving weekend.

Jenn Wilkins creates in her studio at The Tremont.

Jane Wynne is a local Collingwood artist who paints a wide variety of subjects in both acrylic and watercolour.

Richard Young is a retired architect painting in watercolour as a hobby from his home studio and Tremont Studios during the winter.

Steve Zago is a visual arts teacher at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.