Collingwood Community Clean-up Day

Get involved this Community Clean-up Day, April 17, 2019 and help keep Collingwood clean and beautiful by taking part in the 6th Annual Collingwood Community Clean-up Day. Gather your friends, family, neighbours, teams, or schoolmates on Wednesday, April 17th for a community-wide cleaning of Collingwood’s neighbourhood parks, trails, roads, schools, and public spaces. 

It's easy!

Assemble a clean-up crew, identify an area that needs a quick tidy, and register your site here to receive supplies and garbage removal support from the Town. 

Join the #TrashTag Challenge! Take a before and after photo of your site and post it using #TrashTag.

Don’t have a group or site in mind?

Consider joining us here:

Harbourview Park, behind McDonald's, Wednesday, April 17, 1pm
Members of Council and Town staff will be leading the litter removal efforts throughout the park. All supplies provided. 

Too busy on April 17th?

Clean-up initiatives are encouraged over the duration of Earth Week (and anytime really!) and municipal staff will provide garbage removal services throughout that timeframe for all registered clean-ups.

Important Safety Reminders


  • Don’t pick up litter or debris on a roadway surface or too close to the road’s edge.
  • Do not wade into any body of water to retrieve garbage including streams or creeks.
  • Do not climb any steep embankment or ravine side to retrieve a piece of trash. Slopes can be wet, muddy and unstable at any time of the year.
  • Ensure your work area is kept clear of obstacles to avoid any trips

Dress for the occasion

  • Dress for the weather including proper rain gear or sun protection as the weather dictates.
  • Reapply sun protection as necessary.
  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots to protect feet from uneven surfaces, stones, or glass.
  • Wear gloves to protect hands from abrasions, cuts, and chemicals.
  • Wear reflective vests or brightly-coloured clothing if working near roads.


  • Be sure to bring your own bottle of water and stay hydrated throughout your shift.


  • Wash hands before eating, drinking or touching your face.

Muscle Strain

  • Avoid restricting postures or take frequent breaks to avoid any strains.
  • Set up a home base location in your clean up area for the large bags, for example near an existing park garbage can. Participants should fill smaller bags, place them into the large bags at the centralized location, and tie the tops when they are full. There is no need to move full large bags.

Watch for and avoid

  • Wild animals, animal burrows, insects, hives and nests.Use appropriate insect repellent in areas in which mosquitoes and other biting insects are present.
  • Chemicals, dead animals or birds.
  • Noxious weeds such as poison ivy and giant hogweed.
  • Debris with sharp or rusted edges.
  • Glass, barbed wire, needles, pipes. Do not touch or pick up anything you cannot identify or which may be hazardous. Report these locations to municipal staff on site. 

Emergency Situations

  • Know what to do in emergency situation including who is in charge, who to call, and the location of a first-aid kit.

For more information call 705-444-2500. 
Collingwood Community Clean-up Day is presented by the Town of Collingwoodthe Environment Network, and the Collingwood Youth Centre, with generous support from Enbridge.