Town Documents

Listed below are all of the online Documents for the Planning Services Department. If you don't see a specific document, please email

Planning Services
   •Natural Heritage Environment Protection Proposed Policy
   •Planning Development Meetings
   •Application for Tree Destruction
   •Planting Details for Development with the Town of Collingwood
   •Collingwood Active Transportation July 2017
   •Application for Preconsultation with Planning Services
   •Radio Communications Protocol
   •Urban Design Standards Manual
   •ByLaw requiring applicants to pre-consult with the Municipality (Planning Services) prior to submitting an application.
   •Document Town of Collingwood Industrial Land Strategy
   •Application for Deeming By-law, Parking Exemption, & Part Lot Control
   •Application for Site Plan and Radio Communication
   •Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision, Registration of Plan of Subdivision & Condominium Plan Approval
   •Application for Amendments to the Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Removal of A Holding Provision, and Temporary Use By-law.
   •Application Consent
   •Application Minor Variance or Special Permission
   •Document Clayton Market Study
   •Commercial Policy Review for The Town of Collingwood - March 10, 2006
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B407B-PGResDemoClearanceForm20181001.pdf1020 KB
B417PG-E-PermitDocumentsGuide 20181105.pdf351.67 KB
B416PG-E-PermitSubmisionProcess20181105.pdf364.63 KB
B401PGResDwellingMunicipalServices20181105.pdf365.82 KB
B402PGResDwellingPrivateServices20181105.pdf366.5 KB
B403PGResAdditionRenovation20181105.pdf362.43 KB
B404PGResFinishedBasement20181105.pdf361.21 KB
B405PGResAccessoryBuilding20181105.pdf362.85 KB
B406PGResDeck Permit20181105.pdf360.63 KB
B407PGResDemolitionPermit20181105.pdf365.91 KB
B408PGResAccessoryApartment20181105.pdf402.8 KB
B409PGComTentPermit20181105.pdf361.28 KB
B410PGComSignPermitPermanent20181105.pdf363.04 KB
B412PGComBackflowPreventor20181105.pdf363.43 KB
B413PGComChange-of-Use_20181105.pdf360.74 KB
B419-Standard Deck Details.pdf1.81 MB