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Building Services
   •Thank you for using our e-Permit Service!
   •Accessory Apartment Unit - Building Permit & Approvals Guide
   •Sign Permit Application
   •Signs That are Prohibited
   •Projects that Do Not Require a Building Permit
   •Project Examples that Require a Building Permit
   •Sample Plans
   •Sign Permit: Variance Application
   •Sign Permit: Permanent
   •Temporary Tents
   •Demolition of a Building
   •Applicable Law Checklist
   •Residential Deck Construction Guide
   •New Accessory Apartment: House at Least 5 years Old
   •Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Prescriptive Method
   •Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Performance Method
   •Construction Value by Sq. Ft. & Type of Construction 2009-2018
   •Monthly Building Summary 2016-2018
   •OBC Data Matrix Form
   •Building Construction Value Monthly 2008-2018
   •Sign Application - Temporary Signs
   •Sign Application - Permanent Signs
   •General Review & Commitment Form
   •Demolition Permit Clearance Form
   •Heritage Permit Application Form - minor
   •1998 - 2018 Building Construction Values
   •2017-2018 Monthly Comparison
   •Heritage District Boundary Map - 2003
   •Building Permit Application - with septic
   •Building Permit Application Form
   •Sign Application - A-Frame Signs
B414SDRes_StandardFloatingSlabDetail20180827.pdf1.16 MB
B407B-PGResDemoClearanceForm20181001.pdf1020 KB
B417PG-E-PermitDocumentsGuide 20181105.pdf351.67 KB
B416PG-E-PermitSubmisionProcess20181105.pdf364.63 KB
B401PGResDwellingMunicipalServices20181105.pdf365.82 KB
B402PGResDwellingPrivateServices20181105.pdf366.5 KB
B403PGResAdditionRenovation20181105.pdf362.43 KB
B404PGResFinishedBasement20181105.pdf361.21 KB
B405PGResAccessoryBuilding20181105.pdf362.85 KB
B406PGResDeck Permit20181105.pdf360.63 KB
B407PGResDemolitionPermit20181105.pdf365.91 KB
B408PGResAccessoryApartment20181105.pdf402.8 KB
B409PGComTentPermit20181105.pdf361.28 KB
B410PGComSignPermitPermanent20181105.pdf363.04 KB
B412PGComBackflowPreventor20181105.pdf363.43 KB
B413PGComChange-of-Use_20181105.pdf360.74 KB
B419-Standard Deck Details.pdf1.81 MB