Town of Collingwood Downloadable Forms

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Town Council
   •Council Grants
Building Services
   •Accessory Apartment Unit - Building Permit & Approvals Guide
   •Sign Permit Application
   •Sign Permit: Variance Application
   •Applicable Law Checklist
   •Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Prescriptive Method
   •Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Performance Method
   •OBC Data Matrix Form
   •Sign Application - Temporary Signs
   •Sign Application - Permanent Signs
   •General Review & Commitment Form
   •Demolition Permit Clearance Form
   •Heritage Permit Application Form - minor
   •Building Permit Application - with septic
   •Building Permit Application Form
   •Sign Application - A-Frame Signs
Clerk's Services
   •Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act/Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Request Form
   •Sidewalk Patio & Cafe Application
   •Business Licensing Application
Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards Committee
   •Property Standards Notice of Appeal
Committees & Boards
   •Committees and Boards Application Form
Engineering Services
   •Road Occupancy Permit
   •Fill Permit Application
   •Municipal Entrance Sign Application
   •Become a Member Today - Museum Membership Form
Parking Control
   •Parking Permit Application
Planning Services
   •Application for Tree Destruction
   •Application for Preconsultation with Planning Services
   •Application for Deeming By-law, Parking Exemption, & Part Lot Control
   •Application for Site Plan and Radio Communication
   •Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision, Registration of Plan of Subdivision & Condominium Plan Approval
   •Application for Amendments to the Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Removal of the "H", and Temporary Use By-law.
   •Application Consent
   •Application Minor Variance or Special Permission
Public Works
   •Guidelines for Oversize/Overweight Vechicles
   •Oversize/Overweight Load Permits
   •Charity Rebate Application for Commercial Buildings
   •Pre-Authorized Property Tax Payment Plans