Trail Safety and Etiquette

The Collingwood Trails are a multi-use accessible trail system for pedestrians, dog-walkers and cyclists - and in winter  - snowshoers, cross-country skiers and snowmobiles (snowmobiles on designated trails only). 

A safe experience for all trail users depends upon everyone following some basic rules, such as those below. 

Pedestrians always have the right of way. Cyclists should ring a bell or call out "passing left" when approaching pedestrians and if necessary, dismount.
Stay to the right of the trail. 
Collingwood Trails Etiquette icon. When overtaking other, pass on the left and sound a warning by bell or voice. When overtaking others, pass on the left and sound a warning by bell or voice.
Collingwood Trails Etiquette icon. Do not block the trail. Do not block the trail. 












Trail Etiquette reminders 

Collingwood’s 60+ kilometers of trails are popular with residents and visitors alike, but the Town of Collingwood wants to make sure that all trail users are familiar with common trail etiquette.

  Manager of Parks Wendy Martin and Trails Committee Chair Murray Knowles exhibit two of the trail etiquette signs.

“Generally trail users are respectful of each other, and everyone is able to enjoy the trails, whether they’re walking, cycling or jogging,” said Manager of Parks, Wendy Martin. “There are some occasions where users may not be sure of the proper way to pass pedestrians while on a bike, and we hope these signs will be a reminder to share the trail with all users.”

Four signs promoting different aspects of trail etiquette will be posted throughout the trail system and will be moved periodically to help share the message with all users.

The signs include the following four reminders of proper trail etiquette:

·         Pedestrians always have the right of way
·         Stay to the right of the trail
·         Sound a warning
·         Do not block the trail.

Safety on the Trails

Most of Collingwood Trails are close to homes and businesses and trail users are clearly visible from the street; however, there are locations where users are somewhat isolated. For your own personal safety always be accompanied by a buddy, let people know where you are going and when you expect to return, and carry a cell phone with you. Emergencies can happen when you least expect them. 

Dog Walkers

Leash your pet and maintain control.  Pet waste bags are available in several locations, please pick one up and use it.  Please put used bags in proper receptacle.

No Motor Vehicles.

Motor bikes and e-bikes are NOT permitted on the Collingwood Trails.  Pedelec bikes are allowed as the rider needs to use the pedals and the small motor is only an ‘assist’. (By-law 2015-077)

Joggers and Walkers

Please be sure your music and personal entertainment devices aren’t so loud that you cannot hear cyclists and others who may be warning they are passing on your left.

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