Collingwood reaffirms support for current CG&MH site

10 June 2016 – Collingwood Council reaffirmed its support for the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CG&MH) remaining at the current Hume Street location with an expanded footprint.

Council passed the resolution at a Special Meeting on June 9, in order to submit feedback to the Hospital as requested by Friday, June 10. The resolution included several points demonstrating why the current Hume Street location is the best possible option.

Supports Provincial Growth Plan Policies
The Town of Collingwood was designated as a Primary Settlement Area by the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. As such, Collingwood has been directed to plan to create a complete community, which can meet people’s needs for daily living throughout an entire lifetime by providing convenient access to an appropriate mix of jobs, local services, a full range of housing, and community infrastructure (i.e. a hospital) including affordable housing, schools, recreation and open space for their residents.

Significant infrastructure investments from all three levels of government
The current Hume Street location has had significant taxpayer dollars invested in infrastructure improvements to ensure that Hume Street, as an arterial corridor, is able to provide service to the hospital and other health care services in the area. The Federal and Provincial governments both contributed to the Hume Street reconstruction, in recognition of the importance of access to the hospital.

Existing planning policies in support of health care
The Town of Collingwood has also passed policies to encourage the expansion of health-related uses around the existing hospital site, to better serve the people of the region. A significant number of medical uses have already invested in this area, in order to be located in close proximity to the CG&MH.

Proximity to existing health, community and transit services
The Hume Street location is in close proximity to many existing health care services providers, and also to a wide variety of community facilities and services to assist the public in accessing the hospital and health care. Trails, sidewalks and three Colltrans bus routes make it easy for anyone to travel to the hospital and nearby health care services. Also located near the current site are retirement homes, medical offices, restaurants and pharmacies, which are beneficial to hospital staff and those visiting the hospital.

Please find attached additional background information related to the resolution.


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