What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS enabled device. Caches (containers) are hidden at different locations throughout Collingwood, along the trail system. There are 30 HKCC geocaches hidden. Inside the cache there are trinkets to trade and a logbook to sign. Caches may be hidden behind a tree, under a log or beneath a rock. All of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge geocaches have been registered with 

How do I find a hidden cache?

1. Borrow a GPS device from the Collingwood Public Library 


2. Download the geocaching app from

Geocaching Etiquette

1. Watch where you travel - be aware of the plants in the area, each cache is located close to the trail.

2. Return the cache where you found it.

3. Sign the Log - when you find a geocache make sure you sign the log book and share your experience with others.

4. Be prepared - bring a bottle of water and wear sunscreen. if you have a trinket to trade bring an item and trade it for a trinket in the cache.

New Geocaching Travel Bugs - 2017

Looking for a new Geocaching Challenge we have added three travel bugs (Run. Jump. Play. Every Day, Choose to Boost Veggies & Fruit, Water Does Wonders). Can you find one on your geocaching adventure. If you do please log on and then move it to a new location.Let's see how many caches they will travel to this summer.


Track your progress with our geocaching passport.

Mobile Device Instructions

Trails Map