Activity Kits

What is an Activity Kit?

Teaching and building fundamental movement skills (throwing, catching, jumping, striking, running, kicking, agility, balance, coordination) is important for a child's physical development. When children feel more confident and competent with each of these motor skills in different types of environment (physical literacy) they are more likely to have fun and enjoy sport and physical activity, supporting life long physical activity. The Healthy Kids Community Challenge Activity Bags focus on supporting fundamental movement skill development.

What is in an Activity Kit?

Inside each bag there is an activity card with tips and skills to try at home or outside, equipment to support each activity and a notebook which can be used to share with others how you used the activity bag. There are 20 different bags, with different activity cards and equipment.

Where can I borrow an Activity Kit?

Activity Kitss are available in the children's section at the Collingwood Public Library. You will need a library card to sign out each bag.