D111417 County of Simcoe Affordable Housing Complex In Collingwood

Landscaping of Affordable Housing Project in Collingwood, ON

Applications have been received for the development known as the Murray Court Affordable Housing Complex Elevation of Building A for the Affordable Housing Complex

File Numbers: D14117 Zoning By-Law Amendment,  D11417 Site Plan  

and Deeming By-law   D1207117             

Project:  Simcoe County Affordable Housing Project  in Collingwood

Municipal Location: Murray Court, 2 Murray Court, 130 Elm Street, 1 High St

Owner: Simcoe County Housing Corporation, Attention: Brad Spiewak

Agent:   MHBC Planning, Kris Menzies  

Municipal Planner:  Community Planner,Mark Bryan

Project Description:  Planning Applications for a Zoning By-Law Amendment and a Site Plan Agreement have been received for 2 Murray Court, 130 Elm Street and 1 High Street to permit a Simcoe County Housing Corporation affordable housing project consisting of: 147 apartment units in 2 buildings with a ground floor social service component in the building located closest to High Street.  The project is located at the corner of High Street and Second Street which is currently the site of 30 Simcoe County Housing Corporation affordable townhouse units which would be replaced with the affordable apartment units and social services space.  The project would also entail use of the lands currently occupied by Murray Court.  The proposed affordable housing units would be geared toward seniors (92 units) and families (55 units).  Please access MHBC’s Planning Justification Report dated Feb 16, 2017 for a full description of the proposed ZBA and the proposed Site Plan.   

The information links are:  Development Application ,  Developer Contact Information , Applicant Supporting Reports Architectural Elevations , Engineering Plans , Landscape Drawings ,  County of Simcoe Pamphlet 

Elevation B of the Affordable Housing Complex