Hospital Redevelopment - Municipal Perspective

The Town of Collingwood has long been a strong supporter of the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. 

We want to let the residents of Collingwood know we are committed to working collaboratively with our Hospital, community and regional partners to ensure the new hospital remains in Collingwood and assure you that the Town has not caused any delays in the application process by fullfilling our role in the process.

The process of hospital redevelopment which is regulated and administered by the Province is complex and will take years before a new hospital is built. To ensure the proper steps are followed, we need a collaborative approach to reach collective goal - a new hospital in Collingwood.


  • We want a new hospital
  • Town representatives have been involved in visioning days, Mayor's meetings, community meetings, etc since the spring of 2015 and has never waivered in its support for a new hospital in Collingwood.
  • We want the hospital to stay in Collingwood
  • The Collingwood General & Marine Hospital has been in Collingwood for over 120 years.
  • The Town is the only identified primary settlement area and the largest growth centre in the hospital’s catchment.
  • Council wants to work with the Hospital Board to move forward
  • An invitation letter has been sent to the Hospital Board to request a Joint meeting of Council and the Board
  • The Hospital Board agrees that Council has NOT delayed the process and they have NOT missed a deadline of the Ministry of Health in submitting their Stage 1 application.
  • The Hospital Board advised during its deputation to Council February 27, 2017 it is a self-imposed timeline and that they have yet to submit any planning applications to the Town for consideration.
  • The due diligence report was justified and answered questions Council had on the potential effects any of the potential sites would have on the tax payers of Collingwood.
  • James Stewart, Director, Health Capital Investment, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care confirmed that the Town is fulfilling its role in the process of this hospital redevelopment and its responsibility to the residents of Collingwood by conducting a peer review. 
  • “Overall, we found the Report to be supportive and positive,” says Board Chair, Thom Paterson. (Quoted in a media release issued by the Hospital December 16, 2016)
  • Council has a responsibility to the tax payers of Collingwood to complete due diligence on their behalf and Town administration has a responsibility to Council advise them.
  • Under the Municipal Act, the first role of Council is,

Part IV. 224. (a) to represent the public and consider the well-being and interests of the Town 

  • And a role of Municipal administration,

Part IV. 227. (b)  to undertake research and provide advice to council on the policies and programs of the municipality

  • A legal opinion was obtained which confirms Council's due diligence is absolutely required (see link to legal opinion below)



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