Media Release: Town of Collingwood 2016 Salary Disclosure

Collingwood, ON [17 March 2017] –The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996, requires that municipalities, as organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario, disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year.
For 2016, the attached list shows the Town of Collingwood employees who were paid $100,000 or more.
Please note:
·         As a contract employee, Chief Administrative Officer John Brown’s salary includes payment in lieu of OMERS pension, which are not included in other permanent staff salaries.
·         23 of the names listed are Fire Fighters all of whom either received pay increases or are new to this list due to 2016 ratification increase and retro payment.
For more information, contact:
Communications Officer
Christa Carter
T. 705-445-1030 Ext. 3293

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