Application for Tree Destruction

Please print this application on Legal Paper.

This application needs to be prepared in conjunction with Schedule A from the Tree Preservation and Protection By-law No. 2012-084.

If your property falls with the jurisdiction of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA)  or the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) additional fees and approvals may be necessary.  It would be prudent to contact them in conjunction with this application. 

(here is a link to their interactive map for the NVCA )

The following is an excerpt from Schedule A of the Tree Preservation and Protection By-law No. 2012-084


The conditions required from developers for the protection of trees within Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) are stated herein.  Areas of tree protection may include lands designated Environmental Protection, Recreation, Rural or identified buffer areas,trees listed as endangered, threatened or at risk species, hedgerows, watercourses and embankments,tree canopies and roots extending from adjacent properties,  or any other area identified in the planning review and approval processo r deemed appropriate by the municipality.  These specifications are to be read in conjunction with the Development Standards Manual


Schedule A of Conditions 

Tree Preservation and Protection By-law No. 2012-084