Breastfeeding in Public Places Policy

Breastfeeding in Public Places
Parks, Recreation and Culture
Applies to: All
Effective date: September 12, 2016 (Resolution No. 307-16)
Policy Statement
The Town of Collingwood welcomes and supports breastfeeding in all public places controlled by the municipality.
This policy applies to all employees of the Town of Collingwood and members of the public.
The Town of Collingwood recognizes the important health benefits of breastfeeding for both the parent and their child.  The Town aims to create an environment that protects, promotes, and supports exclusive breastfeeding for six (6) months and continued breastfeeding with addition of appropriate, complimentary foods for up to two (2) years of age and beyond (WHO, 2001).  By supporting breastfeeding in this manner, the Town will strengthen the development of a breastfeeding culture throughout the Town.
In a policy document titled “Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:  Your Rights and Responsibilities”, the Ontario Human Rights Commission states that “women are legally protected from discrimination and harassment because of sex.  This includes pregnancy and breastfeeding.  For children, breastfeeding provides the highest attainable standard of health.  A breastfeeding mother should not be disturbed, asked to cover up, or asked to move to another area”.
Town of Collingwood staff will welcome and support breastfeeding in any public place controlled but the Town.
Incidents of harassment that happen in Town facilities, or with Town staff, can be reported to the Town Clerk’s office, as well as, the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit protects, promotes, and supports breastfeeding and will provide information regarding support for breastfeeding in public to town staff and members of the public.
The policy statement will be posted on the Town’s website.
Employees must demonstrate respect toward individuals breastfeeding in public.
Employees must allow and support breastfeeding individuals to breastfeed in public.
Employees will not disturb a breastfeeding individual, will not ask them to cover up or to move to another area.
A reasonable effort will be made to find a private space for a breastfeeding individual if they request it.
Managers will ensure that their staff is aware of this policy.
Managers will support their staff in allowing and supporting breastfeeding in public spaces controlled by the Town.
Managers will support breastfeeding individuals if difficulties arise in the provision of a public place to breastfeed their child free from harassment.
Ontario Human Rights Commission, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding:  Your Rights & Responsibilities
Ontario Human Rights Commission, Policy on Discrimination because of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, 2001
World Health Organization/UNICEF, Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding
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