Collingwood Labyrinth

In 2014 and energetic group got together and proposed that an 11 circuit Chartres Labyrinth be built In Harbourview Park on the Collingwood Trails system.

The Collingwood Labyrinth was built during 2015 on land donated by the Town of Collingwood.  The cost to build the Collingwood Labyrinth was $165,000; all donated by generous citizens and visitors of the Town.  

This site is a big draw during the summer and can make a restful and reflective stop on your tour around the Collingwood Trails.   There is an interpretive sign at the site to explain about labyrinths and how to walk in the most beneficial manner.

Labyrinth Opening group photo

Labyrinth opening group photo. Photo credit: Dave West


The Collingwood Labyrinth is on the Harbourview Trail near the Arboretum at the north end of Hickory St. (view map)


Aerial view of the Collingwood Labyrinth

Photo credit: Geoffrey Belisle

Collingwood Labyrinth entrance

Photo credit: Dough Burlock

turtle sculpture

Local Artist, John McCaffrey donated a large metal sculpture of a turtle that is adorns the Collingwood Labyrinth.

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