George Christie Nature Trails

Mayor Sandra Cooper and George ChristieThe former Eleventh Line nature trail area has been renamed to the George Christie Nature Trails in recognition of George Christie and his passion for the Collingwood Trails.  George is one of the original founders of the Collingwood Trails in the mid 1980’s,  with many years of dedication to the trail and their development.

Please be sure to check out the entire area. It is a beautiful wilderness retreat within the town limits and an outstanding location for a peaceful nature stroll or some snowshoeing in the winter months. 

As you will notice on the Trail Maps, the George Christie Nature Trails connect with the Georgian Trail in two spots and can be an excellent combination trail experience.


Leash your pet and maintain control.  Pet waste bags are available in several locations, please pick one up and use it.  Please put used bags in proper receptacle. 


George Christie Nature Trails map

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