About the Environmental Services Department

Ariel view of the Collingwood Water Pollution Control Plant

Environmental Services operates and maintains the Collingwood Water Pollution Control Plant, six sewage pumping stations, the Osler Bluff Road Sewage lagoon , as well as two wastewater treatment plants in Stayner and Clearview. The monitoring of industrial wastes at industries and businesses also falls under the mandate of Environmental Services.

Department Contacts

Manager, Water
Peggy Slama   
Phone: 705-445-1581 x

Administrative Assistant
Anne Norris   
Phone: 705-445-1581 x3302

Manager, Wastewater
Glenn Price   
Phone: 705-445-1631 x

ORO Water Distribution
Dana Doyle   
Phone: 705-445-1581 x3304

ORO Water Treatment
John Vail   
Phone: 705-445-1581 x3309

Clerk, Water Services
Kate Hicks   
Phone: 705-445-1581 x3320