Arts & Culture Award Recipients Announced

19 September 2017 – The Collingwood Arts & Culture Awards marked the seventh anniversary last Friday, with live performances and awards presented to recognize outstanding contributions to arts and culture in our community.

Mayor Sandra Cooper and MC Craig Ashton presented the awards, established in 2011 to recognize and celebrate extraordinary contribution to arts & culture in our community. There are three award categories: youth, organization/group, and adult.

The recipient in the Youth category was Rowyn Campbell. Rowyn is actively involved in the community as a young musician. She is a member of the Huronia Symphony Orchestra youth program and the Bay Youth Ensemble, performing on multiple occasions as a soloist at local churches and fundraising events.
Proficient on the piano, flute, clarinet and violin, Rowyn plays regularly for residents at local retirement homes, volunteers at the Bay School of Art summer camp and at studio recitals and workshop as well as entertains at the Library noon hour concerts and for the Street Piano program.
The recipient of the Group category was Collingwood Leisure Time Club. The Leisure Time Club has served the community for more than 27 years, contributing to the health and well-being of the 50+ community through social activities, education and entertainment. 
Recognizing the role that arts and culture plays in quality of life and life-long learning, the Club coordinates programs in visual arts, quilting, woodcarving and dancing. Through their efforts, the LTC demonstrates that imagination, creativity and the arts can flourish at any age and are an essential, vital component of activities that offer a wide range of health benefits. 
The recipient in the Adult category was Katherine Huycke. Katherine has spent almost 50 years supporting Collingwood’s creative tapestry. She was one of the founding members of Theatre Collingwood and a Board member for many years.
A former interior designer and event planner, Katherine has volunteered to paint sets, design parade floats, create costumes and visual displays for countless special events. Along the way, Katherine has mentored many local artists and through her actions demonstrated the importance of the arts in creating a vibrant community.
Also nominated in the Youth Category were Marie-Josée Blais, Ellie Duke, Katrina Puddicombe-Farkas and Decklan Funston. Nominees in the Adult Category also included Erin McAndrew and Rochelle Reynolds.
“Each and every one of the nominees has contributed to the growth of arts & culture in Collingwood through their outstanding leadership, volunteerism and creativity,” said Mayor Cooper.
Each recipient received a hydrostone sculpture called “Living Column” by Creemore artist Ann Clifford. The sculpture was commissioned especially for the awards and was inspired by the creative energy of those in our community like this year’s nominees as well as the event logo by Tara McLellan.

For further information on the Collingwood Arts & Culture Awards, please email tmazza@collingwood.caor visit

Photo information:

First:        Mayor Cooper and Rowyn Campbell

Second: Raymond Firman, President, of the Collingwood Leisure Time Club and Mayor  Cooper

Third:     Katherine Huycke and Mayor Cooper.

Fourth:    Mayor Cooper, MC Craig Ashton, Katherine Huycke, Norman Edington, Vice President & Inside Chair, Raymond Firman, President, Carol Edington, Marketing & Promotions and Mary Firman, from the Collingwood Leisure Time Club, Rowyn Campbell.



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