D111617 Site Plan Application for Blue Fairway - The Western Terminus

  A location map of Block 2 on Blue FairwaysD111617 - Click on the image to know more


Owner:     MacPherson Builders (Cranberry) Limited

Civil Engineer:    Crozier & Associates, Jon Proctor

Landscape Architect:   Hensel Design Group Inc., Mike Hensel                               

Applicant:    Wellings Planning, Glenn Wellings



Community Planner:  Community Planner, Mark Bryan 


Project Description:   A site plan application has been received forsite plan control fora development block within the Blue Fairway Subdivision (MacPherson Builders).  The applicant proposes two 4 storey mid-rise apartment buildings and 11 townhouse dwelling units.  The total number of units proposed is 83.  Please refer to the received from Welling’s Planning Consultants Inc. for a more concise description.  This application falls within the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority.


Here are the links to information received on the file:   :  Development Application,  Developer Contact Information, Landscaping PlansApplicant Supporting Reports   , Civil Engineering Plans,  Applicant Supporting Reports ,  Photometric Plans ,  Building Plans

Site Plan for Blue Fairway Block 2 the TerminusLandscape Plan for Blue Fairways the Terminus












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