Snow Removal Update

The Town of Collingwood would like to thank residents and visitors for their patience and understanding as our crews work to keep up with the significant snowfall and extreme temperatures we have experienced recently.

We have had our road and sidewalk plows working every day, including over Christmas and New Year’s to keep the roads and sidewalks as clear as possible.

Over the past 30 days, we have received multiple days of straight snowfall and exceptionally cold temperatures. The combination has led to a buildup of snow pack on our streets. Our plows cannot remove this snow pack when it is hard packed and frozen. It is only when the temperatures rise that the snow pack starts to melt, and can be removed. On January 8th, this melting occurred and as a result, the streets appeared as if they weren’t plowed.

Now that temperatures have risen significantly, crews are working to remove the snow and slush, and you should notice a significant improvement on the roads as of January 9th.

We encourage you to check on neighbours that may need assistance with snow removal during the winter months, including ensuring that furnace and water heater exhaust vents are clear.

Thank you for your continued understanding.