2018 Heritage Property Tax Relief Program

Owners of heritage properties within the Town of Collingwood Downtown Heritage Conservation District or of a property designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act may be eligible to apply for a municipal tax refund.  The tax relief program only applies to significant heritage buildings as listed on Schedule “B” of the by-law 2010-020 (as revised August 2015). 

By-law 2010-020 with Schedule A “Heritage Tax Refund Program Guidelines” and the revised Schedule B “List of Significant & Non-significant Heritage Buildings” is available on the Town of Collingwood website www.collingwood.ca/heritage-tax-refund or the Collingwood Heritage website www.heritagecollingwood.com.   An application form plus a sample of the Heritage Preservation and Maintenance Agreement are also available at the above noted websites.

Please note that if you participated in the program for 2017 you must resubmit an application for 2018, however the application fee does not apply.  No photos are required.

Copies of all documents listed above or for further information please contact Town of Collingwood, Building Department, 55 Ste. Marie St., Third Floor, Collingwood or by calling (705) 445-1030 ex. 3243 or ex. 3275.

Applications for the 2018 program will be received until March 15, 2018.