Council Highlights - May 14, 2018

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Community Announcements

Collingwood' First Poet Laureate

The Town of Collingwood is thrilled to announce that the community's first Poet Laureate will be local resident Day Merrill.

During her two-year term, Day will liaise with the Parks, Recreation and Culture department to act as a champion for poetry and literary arts in the community. She’ll lead creative projects that encourage new poets and foster an appreciation for poetry as well as appear at community events and functions and produce new original works related to Collingwood and the area.

Day outlined several projects already underway, including a workshop on playing with words, an interactive poetry event at Millennium Park, and something special planned for Sidelaunch Days in August. For more information, please visit or email Day at

Public Meeting
Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment (201 Raglan Street - Jasper Designs)

Town Planner Trevor Houghton provided an overview of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, noting that the new owner of the property does not intend to develop the property for medical uses, and as a result would like to remove the requirement for 53 parking spaces, in order to permit a larger commercial floor area.
The proponent James Schneider described the plans for the property, including healthy restaurants, small business locations, and the head office for Jasper Group inc., the proponent's business.
No decision was made at this meeting, and a staff report will be brought before Council at a future meeting.

BIA Budget Presentation
Penny Skelton, Chair and Susan Nicholson, General Manager

Chair Penny Skelton and General Manager Susan Nicholson provided an overview of the role and responsibilities of the Business Improvement Area, including the special events hosted by the BIA. They also outlined the 2018 Budget and the 2017 financial update.

Key events planned for 2018 include a Wayfinding Project, a Collingwood Downtown/Harbour Tourism Destination Plan and a commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Consent Agenda
The following seven items were received for information. 
  • NVCA Board Meeting Highlights April 27, 2018
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) re: Report on the use of the Municipal Emergency Fund for Haiti
  • Ministry of Housing re: Collingwood's expression of interest to participate in the Province's Development Charges Rebate Program
  • Clearview Township Re: Educational Development Charges Increase
    Council voted to further oppose the 188% increase to education development charges proposed by SCDSB and SMCDSB and requested a 90-day delay in implementation of the increases and to consider other impacts.
  • Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority re: Correspondence sent to Premier Wynne regarding Increased base funding to Ontario Conservation Authorities and request from Grey Highlands that the Province of Ontario demonstrate support for Conservation Authorities
    Council request that the Province of Ontario increase the transfer payment allocation through reallocation of dollars from other benefitting provincial ministries or other new revenues to support conservation authorities.
  • Public comments re: Noise By-law
  • Integrity Commissioner's Report
    Council voted to request that the contract with Principles Integrity, the Town's Joint Integrity Commissioner, be amended so that any report from a formal investigation requires the Integrity Commissioner to attend Council and provide a report. 

Corporate & Community Services Standing Committee

Closure of Municipal Offices During the 2018 Holiday Season
Historically there has been little demand for administrative services in late December and, during 2015 through 2017 Holiday Seasons, when municipal offices were closed between Christmas and New Year’s Eve with no negative impact to the public. These closures also allowed for some maintenance work to be performed without impact to operations.

Town Hall offices will be open during the 2018 holidays providing minimal services for the public.

In 2018, municipal offices will be closed after regular hours on Friday, December 21, 2018 re-opening on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. For staff, they would have to request three (3) days of time off to cover this period. No disruption to the public is anticipated by allowing municipal offices to be closed for the proposed period.

Allocation of the 2018 Community Recreation and Culture Grant Program
The Community Recreation and Culture Grant (CRCG) Program supports projects that foster community engagement and advance the Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) mandate. Funds are available to not-for-profit, charitable or volunteer-based organizations, groups, events or programs that are active in Collingwood and in good standing with the CRCG program

Twenty funding applications were received with a combined total request of $72,272. The evaluation process resulted in the allocation of $45,672.54 below the budget of $50,000.

Three Year Regional Music Strategy for Barrie & Simcoe County
In 2017, Collingwood was invited to participate in a process to develop a regional music strategy led by Tourism Simcoe County with Regional Tourism Organization 7, City of Barrie and City of Orillia. The purpose of the Three Year Regional Music Strategy is to promote and support live music by bringing the industry together to collaborate, build, design and prosper.

Replacement of Score Clock at the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena (EBMA)
Collingwood was approached by the Barrie Colts hockey club regarding the clock replacement. As a Major Junior hockey organization in the Ontario Hockey League, playing televised games in front of nearly 4,000 live spectators each night, their score clock is a centerpiece of the game experience. The Colts are currently preparing to remove their older clock and replace it with an updated version. Council approved the request that $80,000 be withdrawn from the Capital Contingency Reserve and use as an upset limit in the acquisition and installation of the centre-hung score clock currently owned by the Barrie Colts hockey club.

Staff Reports

Draft Noise Control By-law
Council approved the final Noise Control By-law, with the following provisions related to construction noise:
  • Domestic or homeowner construction equipment noise is permitted 7 days week.
    Permitted: Monday – Friday 7AM to 7PM & Saturday/Sunday/Holiday from 8AM – 6PM.
  • Construction equipment noise is permitted 6 days week.
    Permitted: Monday – Friday 7AM to 7PM & Saturday 8AM to 4PM
    Prohibited: Sundays & Holidays
  • Construction equipment noise from “Site Alteration" activities on “active development" sites is permitted 5 days a week
    Permitted: Monday – Friday, 7AM to 7PM
    Prohibited: Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays


Additional Planning Staff
Earlier this year, the Town advertised for a contract Planner – Technician to fill a one-year vacancy in the Planning Services Department. Unfortunately, staff was not successful in acquiring an individual to fill this temporary position. Due to increasing workloads within the department, upcoming retirements and the assumption of land transaction responsibilities from the Clerk's Department, Council authorized a permanent Planning position that will fulfill the one-year maternity vacancy and continue on to assist with succession planning, application processing, land matters and enhanced customer service.

Various Road Conveyances
Over the past few years, the Town has acquired a number of road widenings through the site plan and site development process. In order to convey portions of land obtained for the purposes of road widening, forming part of a highway for public use, a by-law is required as per section 31(6) of the Municipal Act, 2001.


Council received the budget presentation from the BIA, and requested that the Treasurer prepare the 2018 BIA Budget by-law to be considered at next meeting of Council.

Council waived notice to vote, and endorsed Councillor Jefferey to stand for election to the Board of Directors for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) from June 2018 until June 2019, and assume all costs for Councillor Jefferey to attend the FCM Board Meetings. The endorsement also included any appointment to their various committees.

Other Business

A staff report was requested from the CAO regarding a review of the Town's department structure and any potential realignment that might assist in increasing efficiencies, customer service and needed staff.

Rise and Report

Council returned to open session after the in-camera portion of the meeting, and passed the following two resolutions:
  1. THAT Council herein direct staff to work with the Solicitor to pursue a court motion, to seek clarification of the Receivership Court Order with respect to proceeding with consideration of the heritage designation process for 400 Maple Street (formerly known as the Victoria Annex) 
  2. THAT Council direct staff to obtain an updated land appraisal for Parts 1 and 2 of Reference Plan 51R-38418, prior to the land being declared as surplus to the needs of the municipality to determine the value of the land to be sold and further evaluate the Town’s current land inventory.

    AND FURTHER THAT Council declare the unopened road allowance described as Ann Street on Plan 43 be declared as surplus and offered for sale to the abutting land owners, in accordance with the land sale by-law.

Upcoming Council & Standing Committee Meetings

All Standing Committee meetings will now be held in Council Chambers (Town Hall, 97 Hurontario Street) to allow for the meetings to be broadcast on Rogers TV and live streamed to The meeting videos will also be posted to after the meetings conclude. Council Meetings will continue to be held in Council Chambers and will continue to be broadcast and live streamed.

Development & Operations Services Standing Committee
Wednesday, May 23  | 5 p.m. *Council Chambers*
Council Meeting
Monday, May 28 | 5 p.m. Council Chambers
Corporate & Community Services Standing Committee
Monday, June 4  | 5 p.m. *Council Chambers*
Council Meeting
Monday, June 11 | 5 p.m. Council Chambers