Projects that Do Not Require a Building Permit

If you are within the Downtown Collingwood Heritage Conservation District or your building is designated under the Heritage Act you may require a Minor Heritage Permit.

  • Constructing detached accessory buildings less than 10m2 (108 sq. ft.) in area*

  • Decks not adjacent to a building entrance that are less than 10m2 (108 sq. ft.) in area

  • Decks less than 600mm (24 inches) above existing grade at all locations

  • Damp-proofing basements

  • Replacing plumbing fixtures or water heaters

  • Replacing a furnace or adding air conditioning units or a heat pump

  • Electrical projects

  • Kitchen or bathroom cupboards

  • Painting and decorating

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Replacing windows or doors

  • Replacing roofing or shingles

  • Fences other than a pool enclosure fence

  • Retaining walls less than 1 metre in height

  • Sidewalks, planters and landscaping

  • Garden pergolas and gazebos that do not have a solid roof

  • Ground or roof mounted solar photovoltaic panels

* Although a building permit may not be required, compliance with the Town Zoning By-law is still required where applicable.