Signs That are Prohibited

Sign By-law 2012-110, as ammended, prohibits the following signs:

  • abandoned signs
  • inflatable signs
  • billboard signs
  • roof signs
  • signs on a marquee
  • flashing or animated signs
  • posters on public property
  • signs located so as to obstruct the view of any pedestrian or motor vehicle driver so as to cause an unsafe condition
  • signs interfering with or obstructing the view of an authorized traffic sign, traffic signal, or official sign or any sign capable of being confused with such a traffic sign, traffic signal or official sign
  • sign located within a sight triangle
  • sign which is located so as to interfere obstruct or impede fire escape, fire exit, door, window, skylight flue, air intake or exhaust, or parking space;
  • moving, swinging, revolving, or rotating sign, except as specifically permitted elsewhere
  • signs which use ‘Day-Glo'
  • fluorescent, luminous or reflective paint or similar products except for traffic control purposes
  • signs which include more than one trademark or emblem that is registered or copyrighted in the name of the applicant or includes a trademark or emblem exceeding 20% of the sign face
  • signs which advertise any specific brand of product unless the brand of product is also the name of the business, except on mobile signs and banners
  • pennant, spinner, streamer, or twirling signs
  • the tacking, pasting or otherwise affixing of signs of a miscellaneous character, visible from a street located on the walls of buildings, sheds, trees, poles, posts, fences, or other structures
  • signs which inhibit the architectural feature of the building.

No person shall erect a sign in a location which may interfere with or damage any above or below ground municipal or utility services which have been lawfully placed at the location.

No person shall attach, affix or display any sign or advertisement on a vehicle or trailer which is parked or located for the primary purpose of displaying said sign or advertisement.