Poetry Jams & More

Poetry Jams:
I am a on voyage,
I am a voyager,
perhaps even a voyeur!
Seeing the world, life all around me,
but rarely stepping in.
Putting skin in the game.
Sometimes on this voyage, words, people,
conversations and experiences encourage
me to stop, curl up.
Stay a while.
Then I open my eyes as a newborn kitten
and wander, in wonder, on.
-Based on Voyage, Quilt, Kitten
I am a stranger
to the gold view of mountains.
You are, too–or not.
-Based on Stranger, Gold, View
A stranger in the woods–
the setting sun like gold–
stops and absorbs the view.
-Based on Stranger, Gold, View
At the arch of death, 
I hear a voice. it sounds like 
me. It said goodbye.
An arch made of trees
sheltered them from the voice of 
death and they rejoiced.
She ran through the woods.
she was playing tag at night
with a fox, who won!
A voyage on the sea,
A quilt wrapped ‘round my knees
The sky was gray
As we sailed away
My love, my kitten and me.