The Power of the Land

Author: Dr. Duke Redbird
Dedicated to: The Awen’ Gathering Circle, Collingwood
The Power of the Land
In every Nation, in every Clan
the Elders to a person
whether woman or a man
shared a common truth
one truth to understand,
the Spirit of the people
is equal
to the Power of the land.
The mother of us all
the sacred Mother Earth
is constant in her giving
and perpetual in her birth
in meadows and in fields
where weeds and flowers grow
she conceives the summer showers
and spawns the winter snows.
In forests and in mountains
she gives the birds that fly
every type of wing
then coaxes the wind to join
in harmony when they begin to sing.
In brooks and streams and rivers as they flow
she generates the dreams
and makes the fires glow
and in every creature
whether large or small
she buries gems of wisdom in them all
and in every grain of sand
she plants the knowledge
of the Power of the Land.
And those that honour her creations
and acknowledge her grand design
she gives the temples of the sacred
and the patterns of the divine
and then with certain knowledge
this to understand
that the spirit of the people
is equal
to the Power of the Land
*Duke Redbird