Notice: Drinking Water Works Permit Administrative Updates

The Town of Collingwood maintains a Drinking Water Works Permit on file with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks to document the elements and capabilities of the drinking water system. 
Currently the drinking water system has the capability of receiving water from the Town of the Blue Mountains drinking water system through three separate connections.  The system also has the capability of providing water to the Township of Clearview through a connection on the Regional Drinking Water Transmission Main. 
These connections are existing and are owned and maintained by the Town of Collingwood as part of the drinking water system.  An application has been submitted to amend the Drinking Water Works Permit to include these connections.  The current Drinking Water Works Permit includes the provision for the Town of Collingwood to supply drinking water to the Town of the Blue Mountains.
The Process
The Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process identifies this amendment to the drinking waterworks permit as a Schedule A+ activity which is pre-approved under the Municipal Class EA process.  This notice satisfies the public notification requirements for this activity.

Map showing locations of water connections to the Blue Mountains                                   


Peggy Slama, P. Eng.
Manager, Environmental Services
Town of Collingwood
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Tel:  (705) 445-1581
Marie Richardson
Compliance Officer, Environmental Services
Town of Collingwood
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Tel:  (705) 445-1581

This notice was issued on November 29, 2018.