The Business of Music with Danno O'Shea

Event Dates: 
Jan 12th - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


An opportunity for musicians and artists to experience an informative and interactive presentation about the process of releasing and promoting music in the new music industry, followed by a Q and A session where they can discuss next steps regarding their own releases. Agent/Manager Danno O’Shea discusses touring, team building, visas, publicity, royalties and more! Bring your questions.

Danno O’Shea is a full time music agent. He is the bandleader/manager and agent for My Son the Hurricane a multi horn, multi drummer and multi singer internationally touring brass band. As well the owner of Vegas Funeral Records and booking agent for many Canadian acts. As well he’s continued his music education through Canadian Music Incubator Artist Management program hosted in Coalition Music Toronto.


Simcoe Street Theatre

65 Simcoe Street


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