Featured Artist - October/November


 Featured Artist: Carter Leynes

Carter Leynes (stage name Carter Lane)
Twelve year old Carter Leynes will soon be touring across Canada as one of five members of Mini Pop Kids, a high positive energy group of children performing current pop hits. After submitting a video performing Perfect by Ed Sheeran, Carter moved on to live auditions and was eventually selected from over 600 applicants. 
Carter has been playing guitar with local teacher and singer/songwriter, Shane Cloutier since the age of 5 and also writes his own music. Fifth Crown Music signed Carter as an artist in 2018 and he expects to release two singles this winter. 
Since the age of 8, Carter with his brother Jude on drums, has played on the streets of Collingwood in the Busker program. Their first concert was Sounds of the Streets featuring local buskers and since then they’ve performed at festivals and events in the area.
There are more than 20 stops on the Mini Pop Kids tour, from Medicine Hat Alberta to Peterborough, Ontario. Started in the early 1980’s the Mini Pop Kids brand is about empowering kids to be confident and to shoot for their dreams. Way to go Carter!
Carter is pictured playing at the 2018 ArtXPress event at the Collingwood Grain Terminals. 
Photo credit: Leah Denbok (Featured Artist for June)
Carter pictures as a Mini Pop Kid 2018

Carter pictured with Mini Pop Kids band members

Carter Lane and the Mini Pop Kids 2018