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Confirmation Notice

Thank you for uploading your permit application and documents using our e-Permit service. The following are next steps: 

Building Permit Applications

  1. Pre-Screen. Staff will conduct a pre-screening of your permit application to determine the completeness of the application.
  2. Confirmation Email. You will recieve a confirmation email including the permit application number, application status and next steps. Typically within 2 business days.
  3. Status Updates. For complete applications, you will receive status updates during the review of your application.

Application Review

Your application will be reviewed to confirm that your project will comply with the Ontario Building Code and applicable laws. The review process may include:

  1. Zoning Plan Examination: A Planning Technician will check for compliance with the regulations and provisions of the Zoning By-Law such as proposed use, minimum setback requirements, lot coverage and building height, etc.
  2. Building Code Examination: A Building Inspector will review the proposed construction to ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code, and applicable laws.
  3. Grading Examination for Infill Lots: staff from the Engineering Services Division will review the grading plan for compliance with Town specifications.


Response Timeframes

The time required to process a building permit application varies according to:

  • the quality and completeness of the submitted plans and 
  • the degree of compliance of the plans with applicable regulations

Building Services have set standards for when applicants can expect to receive a response:

Time frames for complete applications, where all applicable law and zoning approvals are approved:

  • 10 Business Days for house, tent and sign
  • 15 Business Days for small buildings,
  • 20 Business Days for large buildings, and
  • 30 Business Days for complex buildings

The permit review time frame begins the next business day following the pre-screening and acceptance of the permit application.

Time frames for incomplete applications which are applications that do not have enough information or other approvals outstanding, will vary depending on what other approvals are outstanding and whether an application to the committee of adjustment is required.

  • If during the review, additional clarification is required or deficiencies are identified, you or your authorized agent will be notified by using the contact information on your application form.
  • It is important to ensure that the requested information is re-submitted clearly addressing each request. Depending on the type of deficiency, the issuance of the permit will be delayed until all the requested/required information is received and compliance is determined.