Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision 295 Mountain Rd. - Panorama North

Concept Plan of Panorama North

Project: Panorama

Municipal Location: 295 Mountain Road, Collingwood, ON

Owner: Todco Investment, Thomas Drucker 

Applicant : Ted North(295 Mountain Road) Ltd. Peter Graham

Agent : Plan Wells, Shelly Wells

Engineer: CC Tatham, Alan Brownridge








Municipal Planner: Community Planner, Mark Bryan

Two applications have been received for a proposed development located at 295 Mountain Road.   The information is as below:

File No. D084418 is for a proposed  Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment,

File No. D1201318 is for a proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision Application

The information links are:  Development Application, Developer Contact InformationConcept Plan of the Draft Plan of SubdivisionApplicant Suporting Reports

 Town of Collingwood Planning Services Information:       Compiled Record of Agency Comments                                                                           

Project Description:  The proposal is for a residential plan of subdivision consisting of approximately 929 dwellings (singles, towns, apartments), a 1.97 ha stormwater management pond, and a 2.52 ha park block, .20 hydro substation, and public streets.  Please access the complete description located in the Urban Design Brief dated November 2018.    Implementing Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments are also being requested to support the higher residential density being proposed, reflect the layout/boundaries of the proposed uses and address the holding provisions currently in place.    


Location of Panorama North situated on 295 Mountain Road, Collingwood Ontario


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