What is the Town of Collingwood's Official Plan?

The Town of Collingwood Official Plan is a principal policy document adopted by Council under the provisions of the Planning Act. It reflects matters of municipal and provincial interests and applies to the entire Town. The Official Plan sets out Goals and Objectives in which to guide orderly development for a twenty year period. Using the Plan as a guide, Council adopts more detailed planning policies such as secondary plans and community improvement plans for specific areas and neighborhoods and directs the development of new subdivisions. The use and development of individual parcels of land is also influenced by the Official Plan which determines more specific regulatory measures related to land subdivision, zoning and site plan control.

The Official Plan describes Council's policies on how land in the Town of Collingwood should be used. It is prepared with input from the public and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of our community.

Section 16.1 of the Planning Act sets out what shall be contained within an Official Plan:

  1. Goals, objectives, and policies established primarily to manage and direct physical change and the effects on the social, economic and natural environment of the municipality or part of it, or an area that is without municipal organization;
  2. Such other matters as may be prescribed

Section 16.2 sets out what may be contained within an Official Plan

  1. A description of the measures and procedures proposed to attain the objectives of the plan
  2. A description of the measures and procedures for informing and obtaining the views of the public in respect of a proposed amendment to the official plan or proposed revision of the plan or in respect of a proposed zoning by-law; and
  3. Such other matters as may be prescribed.