Application for Amendments to the Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Removal of the "H", and Temporary Use By-law.

Please,  print force this form to print on Legal Sized paper.  This application is utilized for an amendment to the following,

  • Official Plan,
  • Zoning By-law,
  • to remove the "H" from the subject property, and
  • a Temporary Use By-law;

It is pursuant to one of more of the following Sections 22, 34, 36, and/or 39 of the Ontario Planning Act, as amended. Please consult with a planner to discuss the application prior to submitting the application for consideration.
Please note the number of copies and electronic files are described on page 2 of the application. 

Amendment2Zoning&OPA ApplicationMar29_17.pdf37.17 KB