How do I find out the Official Plan designation and implementing Zoning for my property?

When buying, renting or leasing property, it is a good idea to first obtain Official Plan and Zoning information. Official Plan and Zoning information is available in Planning Services and may be obtained by telephone at 705 445 1290, fax at 705 445 1463 or through email. Please be sure to include the exact address of the subject property when making inquiries.

If written conformation is desired, Zoning Information Requests known as Compliance Letters may be obtained by mailing or dropping off a cheque for $100 to Planning Services at 55 Ste. Marie Street, 3rd Floor. The request must include a cover letter detailing the exact municipal address, the specific information being requested (i.e. setbacks) and the closing date for the Compliance Letter. It is advantageous to include a recent survey of the subject lands.