May 17, 2010 Council Planning and Development Minutes

A meeting of Municipal Council with regard to planning and development matters was held Monday, May 17, 2010 in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Collingwood commencing at 5:00pm.

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Members of Council Present:
Mayor Carrier (regrets)
Deputy Mayor Cooper
Councillor Edwards
Councillor Sandberg (arrived at 5:03pm)
Councillor Jeffery
Councillor Foley
Councillor McNabb
Councillor Chadwick
Councillor Labelle (arrived at 5:04pm)
Staff Present:            
Kimberly Wingrove, Chief Administrative Officer
Sara Almas, Clerk
Ed Houghton, Executive Director of Public Works (regrets)
Larry Irwin, Director of Information Technology
Peter Dunbar, Director of Leisure Services
Kay Blakely, Deputy Director of Finance
Nancy Farrer, Acting Director of Planning Services
Trent Elyea, Fire Chief
No. 273         Moved by Councillor Edwards
                     Seconded by Councillor Jeffery
THAT the content of the Council – Planning and Development Agenda for May 17, 2010 be adopted as presented.
  • There were no declarations of pecuniary interest declared at this time. 
  • Library Grand Opening, Donna Mansfield, Chair of Library Board
A presentation was provided illustrating the progress of the construction of the library and municipal office building. The grand opening of the building is scheduled for May 27, 2010. 
  • Council reported on various community events they had attended and announced upcoming events.
  • Deputy Mayor Cooper welcomed those in attendance and introduced the Public Meeting format. 
  • Clerk, Sara Almas confirmed that appropriate notice has been provided in accordance with By-law No. 03-12 with respect to the by-law being heard this evening.
Proposed Municipal Licensing By-law
Sara Almas, Clerk and Becky Dahl, Deputy Clerk provided an overview of the proposed licensing by-law which is to include regulations with respect to the licensing of auctioneers, sale of fireworks, taxi and limousine operators, pawnbrokers, food vendors, snowplow operators, transient sales, buskers, patios and outside merchandise.  The purpose of the by-law is to update and consolidate the Town of Collingwood’s existing licensing by-laws into one consistent and comprehensive licensing by-law.
Deputy Mayor Cooper called for the first time for comments from the public.
Bill Heise, local food vendor, expressed his support with the proposed by-law as it helps to ensure the community continues to enjoy his services of providing ice cream by way of ice cream bikes in Collingwood.
Steven Epstein, resident of Collingwood, questioned how electricity would be provided to the curbside patios and whether a curbside patio has been constructed and tested by Staff. Clarification was provided that electricity would be provided through the BIA.
Mark Krause, Owner of Espresso Post, expressed concerns with the proposed patio licence.  Agreements were made in the past to allow restaurant owners to extend their patio beyond their store front if permission was received by the abutting owner which is no longer permitted in the proposed by-law, reducing the number of tables that can be incorporated on the patio.  Mr. Krause expressed concern with the potential liability with staff crossing over the public space situated between the building and curbside patio and whether the Town’s insurance would cover any potential claims. Mr. Krause expressed additional concern with the requirement to attach a café table to the facade of the building as he is the owner of a heritage building. Mr. Krause would prefer them be fastened to the sidewalk if required.
Ruth Bourachot, Owner of Café Chartreuse, expressed concern with the by-law including the set back requirements for patios situated on a corner lot or bump-out, the cost to the restaurant owners of moving a patio to the curbside and merchandise being permitted within the two foot area in front of the building.
Deputy Mayor Cooper called for the second time for comments from the public.
Gary Norman, resident of Collingwood, expressed his opposition to locating the patios curbside because of safety concerns, requesting Council reconsider the placement of the patios.
Deputy Mayor Cooper called for the third and final time for comments from the public.
Public session closed at 6:02pm.
Clarification is to be provided to Council through the upcoming Staff Report on the following matters: Whether gas space heaters are allowed on patios, the need for a security to obtain a pawnbrokers licence, the required spacing between patios and providing a maximum length of a patio, insurance coverage on public property, a list of grounds in which a licence may be refused, whether fees are based on cost recovery, to define Transient Sales in the definition section of the by-law, review the distance restriction of one food vendor to another, who performs the required inspections for a food vendor licence, clarification of the distance of a merchandise display from the building facade and whether lighting can be provided to merchandise displays licenced under the by-law.
Concern was expressed with the proposed Licensing Appeal Committee, the approval of fees if they are based on the Consumer Price Index, the power of entry rights of an Officer, the need for criminal reference checks, and the restrictiveness of a busker licence.
Clarification was provided with respect to the Busker Licence as it is based from the Busking Policy approved by Council through the minutes of the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.
Further comments are to be provided to the Clerk and will considered in the staff report and proposed licensing by-law to be presented to Council on June 14th, 2010.  
No. 274         Moved by Councillor Sandberg
                     Seconded by Councillor Foley
THAT the following minutes be hereby received:
  • Development Committee Minutes (CW-T-2010-01 Red-line revisions to a Draft Plan of Subdivision, Kayla Crescent, Georgian Meadows Phase 6) April 14, 2010
  • Development Committee Minutes (DC-2010-02, 212 Raglan Street Storage) March 24, 2010
  • Development Committee Minutes (DC-2010-04 Collingwood Heights, DC-2010-03 McDonalds Restaurant and DC-2010-05 A&W Restaurant building elevation renovations) May 5, 2010 
Council requested the site development application for A&W Restaurant come back to Council for further consideration.  Council further requested the applicant meet with Mr. Voigt, Community Planner to review the required design standards.
  • Heritage Park Site Development 
Peter Dunbar, Director of Leisure Services provided a brief presentation on the status of the Heritage Park project.  Ken Hale, Greenland Consulting who was retained for Phases 1 and 2 of the project, parking requirements, renovation to the pool and construction with the wellness centre, provided an overview of the siteworks for the project including the approved park concept. A detailed outline of the budget to date was provided illustrating the increased cost of the project since its approval. It was noted that the cost of the project is significantly over the estimated budget, even with changes made to the design of the building to lower costs.
No. 275            Moved by Councillor Sandberg
                        Seconded by Councillor Chadwick
THAT the following minutes be hereby received:
  • Development Committee Minutes (DC-2009-12, Heritage Park Re-development – Community Wellness Centre and Centennial Pool Renovations, 3rd Submission) March 24, 2010 
RECOMMENDATION:  THAT Council herein receive the presentation and minutes of the Heritage Park Site Development and provide direction to staff.
*After lengthy discussion, Council proceeded with the remaining agenda business while preparing a motion for direction later in the meeting.
LS2010-09       Central Park Arena – Proposal Selection
No. 276         Moved by Councillor Chadwick
                    Seconded by Councillor Labelle
THAT Staff Report LS2010-09, recommending that Council award the design and engineering contract for the Outdoor Ice Surface Roof and Central Park Site Plan Analysis to C.C. Tatham and Associates for the costs of $31,281 plus applicable taxes for Phase 1 – Conceptual Design; 5% of the construction value for Phase 2 – Detailed Design; and 2.5 % of the construction value for Phase 3 – Tender and Construction; and further authorize the Mayor and Clerk to sign all necessary documents to execute the contract, be approved.
Staff Reports
P2010-11       New Collingwood Zoning By-law (File No. Z-2009-10) Zoning By-law No. 2010-040
No. 277         Moved by Councillor Jeffery
                    Seconded by Councillor Edwards
THAT Council receive Staff Report P2010-11;
AND FURTHER THAT Council hold a public meeting to consider a number of minor and technical amendments to the Official Plan;
AND FURTHER THAT Council direct the Town’s solicitor to secure approval of the portions of the Collingwood Zoning By-law which have not been appealed.
* Councillor Sandberg declared a conflict with matters pertaining to 10 Minto Street and 280, 284, 290 and 292 Pretty River Parkway and did not participate in the decision or vote.
* Councillor Jeffery left the Council Meeting at 8:42pm
  • Heritage Park Site Development, con’t 
No. 278         Moved by Councillor Sandberg
Seconded by Councillor McNabb
THAT Council direct Staff to suspend the Wellness Centre construction to explore other opportunities to complete the project and report back to Council by July 19, 2010.
*Staff noted that the site would be restored in order to provide for a safe environment for the users of the pool, during the interim.
  • Councillor Chadwick requested an update with respect to the court case of the Boundary Act appeal for Bartlett Blvd. Clerk Almas informed Council that the boundary extension was granted to the applicant and advised that a copy of the decision would be circulated to Council. 
Moved by Councillor Chadwick
Seconded by Councillor Sandberg
THAT Council direct Staff to draft a report on museum policies regarding purchasing and book sales.
Moved by Councillor McNabb
THAT the meeting of Council be hereby adjourned at 9:02pm.
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