December 6, 2010 Inaugural Meeting of Council Agenda


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1. Call to Order:  

     Chief Administrative Officer, Ms. Kimberly Wingrove


2.  Entrance of Members of Council Elect: 

Lead by Mr. Ken Templeman, Town Crier; Ms. Emilee  Bennett , Duty Pipe Leader, Royal Canadian Legion; Knights of Columbus, Honour Guard 

  • Mayor Elect Sandra Cooper
  • Deputy Mayor Elect Rick Lloyd
  • Councillor Elect Mike Edwards
  • Councillor Elect Kevin Lloyd
  • Councillor Elect Ian Chadwick
  • Councillor Elect Keith Hull
  • Councillor Elect Dale West
  • Councillor Elect Sandy Cunningham
  • Councillor Elect Joe Gardhouse 

3.  Proclamation:  Mr. Ken Templeman, Town Crier


4.  National Anthem, O’Canada:

     Music Students Jean Vanier Catholic High School

     Samantha Nichols, Tessa deRuiter, Calla Patterson, Grayden Ivan,

     Britainy Greenaway, Marek Barlow, Zachary DeNobrega


5.  Invocation:  Father Gerard Pilon


6. Introduction to Council Elect:

     Chief Administrative Officer, Ms. Kimberly Wingrove


7.  Charge to Council: Mr. George Czerny


8. Administration of Declarations of Oaths: 

     Clerk and Commissioner of  Oaths, Ms. Sara Almas                                                                                 

  • Declaration of Office
  • Oath of Allegiance
  • Declaration of  Code of Ethics

9.  Presentation ~ Chain of Office to Mayor Sandra Cooper: 

     Mr. Brian Tomkins, President,  Kiwanis Club of Collingwood


10. Statement by Members of Council:

  • Councillor Joe Gardhouse
  • Councillor Sandy Cunningham
  • Councillor Dale West
  • Councillor Keith Hull
  • Councillor Ian Chadwick
  • Councillor Kevin Lloyd
  • Councillor Mike Edwards
  • Deputy Mayor Rick Lloyd 

11.   Inaugural Address:  Mayor Sandra Cooper


12.   Closing Prayer:  Reverend Heather Gwynne-Timothy


13.    God Save the Queen:

        Music Students ~ Collingwood Collegiate Institute

        Taylor-Jane Baker, Skye Come, Emily Fischl, Brittany Gill,

        Brittany Jolicouer-Bertrand, Callie McIntosh


14.  Adjournment

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Dec 6 Ingaugural Council Program.jpg282.67 KB