May 16, 2011 Council Planning and Development Minutes

A meeting of Council with regard to planning and development matters was held Monday, May 16, 2011 in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Collingwood commencing at 5:00pm.

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Members of Council Present:                      
Mayor Cooper
Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Councillor Edwards
Councillor Lloyd
Councillor Chadwick
Councillor Hull
Councillor West
Councillor Cunningham
Councillor Gardhouse
Staff Present:            
Kimberly Wingrove, Chief Administrative Officer
Sara Almas, Clerk
Ed Houghton, Executive Director of Public Works
Larry Irwin, Director of Information Technology
Marta Proctor, Director of Leisure Services
Kay Blakely, Deputy Director of Finance
Nancy Farrer, Acting Director of Planning Services
No. 226           Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
  Seconded by CouncillorEdwards
THAT the content of the Council Agenda for May 16th, 2011 be adopted as presented.
  • Mayor Cooper acknowledged and thanked Amaizeingly Green Products for their “gift” of a portable fire apparatus valued at $50,000 received on behalf of the Town of Collingwood Fire Department. 
  • Recent Manufacturing Industry Investment Announcement, Tillie MacDonald,
General Manager, Centre for Business and Economic Development
Councillor Gardhouse, as a member of an informal economic action team, announced the reopening of the industry plant former known as Barber Glass.  Fellow members of the action team that was created specifically to save the industrial operation included Mel Walker, Martin Oosterveld and Tillie MacDonald.
Ms. MacDonald, Centre for Business and Economic Development, thanked Council for all of their hard work and provided an update on the function of their organization.  Ms. MacDonald also expressed excitement on behalf of the Action Committee on the reopening of the former Barber Glass industry and introduced one of the new owners, Mr. Richard Wilson.
Council thanked Mr. Richard Wilson for his dedication and investment in our community.   Mr. Wilson thanked Council and in particular the Action Committee for their persistence and support on this project. 
  • Southern Georgian Bay Share the Road Partnership, Leah Simon, Public Health Nurse, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit
Ms. Leah Simon provided Council with details of the Share the Road Committee and the partnership with Clearview Township, Town of Collingwood, Town of Wasaga Beach
 and Simcoe County. Ms. Simon noted the goals of the Committee, including educating cyclists and motorists about the importance of respecting each other’s rights on the road, as well as health, economic and environmental benefits of cycling.
Staff Reports
  • Active Transportation, Robert Voigt, Senior Planner
Mr. Voigt provided a detailed presentation on active transportation designs, and an update on the active transportation plan which will facilitate an active transportation system in the community. 
  • Residential Policy Review – Complete Communities and Compact Urban Form, Mark Bryan, Community Planner
Mr. Mark Bryan presented a detailed presentation on the residential policy review.  The presentation outlined the provincial policy shift, our current land budget, complete communities/complete neighbourhoods, compact urban form, demographics and trends, and intensification opportunities.
Mr. Bryan also reviewed the next steps in the residential policy review and noted they will be continuing to collect data and review infrastructure impacts prior to drafting the policies for review and comment.
No. 227           Moved by Councillor Edwards
  Seconded by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
THAT this Council proceeds in Camera in order to address a matter pertaining to:
checked litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board;
checked advice that is subject to solicitor/client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose;
Items for Discussion:
a) 2 OMB matters (Eden Oak Appeal and 80 Madeline Drive)
b) Contract negotiation (Harbour Agreement)
Deputy Mayor Lloyd provided a notice of motion that reverse angle parking at Sunset Point return to regular parking.  
  • Deferred motion from May 9, 2011:
Resolution No. 220, a motion to support the naming of the trail that runs north-south along the west side of North Maple Street, north of First Street as the “North Maple Street Trail” and the trails that run along the berm located between North Maple Street and the Wastewater Treatment Plant as “Dunbar’s Lookout Trail”,was rescinded by Councillor Gardhouse with support from Councillor West as the original mover and seconder respectively.
No. 228           Moved by Councillor Chadwick
  Seconded by Councillor West
THAT Council herein receive staff report C2011-10 and direct Staff to review the policy and prepare a report on potential revisions to further prescribe and strengthen the process for naming municipal facilities and parks, prior to any further naming opportunities being proposed.  
Council proceeded to in-camera session as previously resolved. (6:54 pm)
Moved by Councillor Hull
Seconded by Councillor Edwards
THAT Council rise from in-camera and return to public session. (8:17pm)
Moved by Councillor Chadwick
THAT the meeting of Council be hereby adjourned at 8:17pm
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