October 24, 2011 Council Minutes

A meeting of Council was held Monday October 24, 2011 at the Leisure Time Club, 100 Minnesota Street,Collingwood commencing at 4:00pm.
Members of Council Present:                      
Mayor Cooper
Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Councillor Edwards
Councillor Lloyd
Councillor Chadwick
Councillor Hull
Councillor West
Councillor Cunningham
Councillor Gardhouse
Staff Present:            
Kimberly Wingrove, Chief Administrative Officer
Sara Almas, Clerk
Ed Houghton, Executive Director of Public Works
Larry Irwin, Director of Information Technology
Marta Proctor, Director of Leisure Services
Marjory Leonard, Treasurer
Nancy Farrer, Director of Planning Services
No. 445         Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Seconded by Councillor Edwards
THAT the content of the Council Agenda for October 24th, 2011 be adopted as presented.
  • Councillor Hull declared a pecuniary interest with respect to the Admiral Collingwood Development and will remove himself from discussion on this topic. 
No. 446         Moved by Councillor Edwards
Seconded by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
THAT the minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held October 3rd, 2011 be hereby approved.
  • Council reported on various community events they had attended and announced upcoming events.
Public Meeting re: Admiral Collingwood Place
  • Mayor Cooper welcomed those in attendance and introduced the Public Meeting format.
  • Clerk Sara Almas confirmed that notice has been provided with respect to the planning applications being heard this evening, in accordance with the Planning Act. Notice was provided September 30, 2011 in the Enterprise Bulletin.
  • Mayor Cooper introduced Mr. Trevor Houghton, Senior Planner, who outlined the applications. 
The proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment is for the lands located at the intersections of Hurontario Street, Hume Street and Ste. Marie Street as is commonly known as the Admiral Collingwood Place. 
The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment is to amend the Downtown Core Exception Three (DC-3) land-use designation currently applicable on the subject lands.  These proposed amendments may generally include;
  1. To increase the permitted residential density to 127 units on the west half and 70 units on the east half of the lands, and
  2. To delete the requirement for Section 37 bonus benefits and/or Holding “H” symbol provisions for both the west and east halves of the lands.
The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is to amend the Downtown Core Commercial Exception Four (C1-4) zone that is currently applicable on the subject lands.  These proposed amendments may include revising the building footprint setbacks and building height provisions for the lands.
Ms. Nancy Farrer, Director of Planning Services, and Mr. Houghton, Senior Planner read the written comments received to date.
Mr. Tom Baulke, on behalf of the applicant Mr. Steve Assaff, reviewed the history of the development since the property was acquired by his client and Mr. Scott Standholt.  Mr. Baulke reviewed the merits of the proposed amendments and requested Council’s favourable consideration to move this project forward.  
Mr. Bob Tregebov, project architect retained by the applicant, addressed Council on the design and architectural features of the new plan.  Mr. Tregebov noted its sympathetic characteristics to the Heritage District and the environmentally sensitive considerations that have been incorporated into the various features of the building. 
  • Mayor Cooper called for comments from the public.
Margaret Mooy, on behalf of the Collingwood Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, acknowledged that it is desirable to have something built at the site, however it can be accomplished without jeopardizing the heritage district, and that the development should adhere to the Collingwood Heritage By-laws.  Ms. Mooy inquired whether proper notice was provided as it did not identify that the property was within the Heritage District.   Ms. Mooy asked who was responsible for all the development application fees.  She also requested that any design needs be compatible with adjacent protected properties.
Noel Bates, 294 Minnesota Street, advised Council that the development does not appear to be “good planning”.  Mr. Bates expressed concern with the height, density, need for a heritage impact assessment, demand on local services and infrastructure, and the perception that the development is already supported by Council.
Lindsay Cook, 231 Second Street, supported the development of the site, however, not to the height and scale as proposed.   Ms. Cook expressed concerns that if development does not maintain a compatible design to the heritage district and our downtown, that is would drive business away from her store that is located in the Downtown.  Ms. Cook further noted the proposed project is not representative of the downtown Collingwood vision.  Ms. Cook requested that if Council supported a building that was higher than 3 stories, that all stories above the 3rd floor be stepped back.
Peter Osmond, Collingwood resident, expressed full support of the development and the new growth it will create.   Mr. Osmond believes that the development makes good economic and planning sense.
Dick Hill, 43 Niagara Street, requested Council repeal the Heritage District By-law as it discourages development.   Mr. Hill expressed support of the application as development is needed.
Wendy McKenzie, 190 Second Street, expressed concern that Council would consider removing the property from the Heritage District and why an exception would be made.  She questioned why the shadowing matter has not been discussed.  Ms. McKenzie advised that units in the development have already been sold, and questioned why we are going through this exercise if it is already a done deal.
Paula Gateson, 124 Hurontario Street, stated that the project would have been underway if the developer followed the rules and planning policies that were in place.     
Terry Geddes, 7 Ferguson Road, reviewed previous development decisions and their positive impact on the community.  Mr. Geddes reiterated that it is desirable to have the site developed and that the Town and Council needs to move forward.  
Mark Krauss, owner of 139 and 140 Hurontario Street, noted the biggest asset of Collingwood is our heritage, and our heritage Downtown.   Mr. Krauss requested that this development comply with our heritage policies, including the requirement of a heritage impact assessment.  Mr. Krauss expressed concern with the massive appearance of the development, and the impact of signage, patios, etc. if the property is taken out of the district.   Mr. Krauss believes that higher densities can be achieved while respecting our heritage by-law.
Annette Snowdon, resident of 153 Ontario Street, requested in the future that planning notices include that the public wishing to speak may be restricted in their time allotment. Ms. Snowdon expressed her desire to see an attractive building at the site which enhances the Town and is compatible within the Heritage District.  Ms. Snowdon reiterated that a 5 storey development is already approved.  Ms. Snowdon expressed concern that Council is not being impartial, and requested Council demonstrate that there is still room for negotiation with this project.
Murray Doupe, 612 Oak Street, expressed support of the development and requested that Council move forward with this project. Mr. Doupe believes that a large component to this discussion that has not been heard is the “human problem”. Collingwood needs the development and the growth.  Mr. Doupe reminded Council that a petition with over 2000 names were collected during last year’s municipal election to support moving this development forward.  
Gary Norman, resident of 598 Oak Street stated that he was furious with demolition of the Admiral Collingwood School however it’s no longer there and we need to have the site developed.  The proposed development is the right move and the sooner it move forward, the better. Mr. Norman further noted that times have changed and that it’s not necessarily vital that the building stay within the Heritage District.
Debora Edgar, 25 Godden Street, advised Council that the heritage district should be respected, however, this development needs to move forward.  Ms. Edgar expressed her full support of the project.
Public session closed at 6:07 pm. 
Council recessed at 6:10 pm.
Council reconvened at 6:42 pm.
No. 447         Moved by Councillor Lloyd
                    Seconded by Councillor West
THAT the General Consent Agenda, having been given due consideration by Council, be received. 


General Consent Items
MADD, Ontario Public Health Association, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Letter re: Sale of Beer and Wine at Convenience Stores (p. 10)
Receive for Information
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration re: Call for Nominations for Outstanding Achievement Award for Volunteerism (p. 13)
Receive for Information
Collingwood Chamber of Commerce re: Sign By-law Review
(motion prepared to request a staff report)(p. 14)
Direction Required
Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs re: Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence (p.16)
Receive for Information
Collingwood BIA Letter re: Advising Council of plans for an Ice Sculpture event this winter (p. 18)
Receive for Information
Petition to maintain hours of the Collingwood Accessible Shuttle
(motion prepared to direct request to 2012 Budget Review)(p. 19)
Direction Required
Bus Shelter Request re: Walnut Street (p. 22)
Receive for Information
Simcoe County Farm Fresh Association Letter re:  Eat Local (p. 24)
Receive for Information
A.3      Collingwood Chamber of Commerce re: Sign By-law Review
No. 448         Moved by Councillor Hull 
Seconded by Councillor West
THAT Council direct staff to review the recommendation with respect to the permitted location of A-frame signage provided by the Chamber of Commerce and report back to Council by November 14th, 2011.
A.6       Petition to maintain hours of the Collingwood Accessible Shuttle
No. 449         Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
                    Seconded by Councillor Cunningham
THAT Council direct the request to maintain the hours of the Collingwood Accessible Shuttle be forwarded for consideration in the 2012 Budget Review.
A.7      Bus Shelter Request re: Walnut Street
 Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Seconded by Councillor West
THAT Council direct staff to review the revised request for a bus shelter on Walnut Street, in the 2012 budget review.
No. 450         Moved by Councillor Edwards
                    Seconded by Councillor Lloyd
THAT the following Committee and Board minutes be hereby received:
  1. Airport Services Board Minutes of September 21, 2011
  2. Accessibility Advisory Committee minutes of September 7, 2011
  3. Downtown BIA Board of Management Minutes of August 31, 2011
  4. Elvis Festival Services Board Minutes of August 23, 2011
No. 451         Moved by Councillor Chadwick
                    Seconded by Councillor Lloyd
THAT Council direct staff to include the “Council Pending List” in the agenda for the first Council meeting of each month, beginning November 7th, 2011.
No. 452         Moved by Councillor West
Seconded by Councillor Lloyd
THAT By-law No. 2011-115, being a by-law to authorize the execution of a purchase and sale agreement for 125 Napier Street, be enacted and passed this 24th day of October, 2011
No. 453         Moved by Councillor Lloyd
Seconded by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
THAT By-law No. 2011-116, being a by-law to amend parking by-law 2003-62 to limit parking enforcement hours for pay parking in the Downtown from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, be enacted and passed this 24th day of October, 2011
No. 454         Moved by Councillor Cunningham
Seconded by Councillor Gardhouse
THAT By-law No. 2011-117, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the Council Planning and Development meeting held October 17th, 2011 and the Regular   Meeting of Council held October 24th, 2011 be enacted and passed this 24th day of October 2011.
Moved by Councillor Chadwick
THAT the meeting of Council be hereby adjourned at 6:58 pm.
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