April 16, 2012 Planning and Development Meeting of Council Minutes


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A meeting of Council with regard to planning and development matters was held Monday, April 16, 2012 in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Collingwood commencing at 5:00pm.
Members of Council Present:                      
Mayor Cooper
Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Councillor Edwards
Councillor Lloyd
Councillor Chadwick
Councillor Hull
Councillor West
Councillor Cunningham - Regrets
Councillor Gardhouse
Staff Present:                       
Ed Houghton, Acting Chief Administrative Officer
Sara Almas, Clerk
Larry Irwin, Director of Information Technology
Marta Proctor, Director of Leisure Services
Marjory Leonard, Treasurer
Nancy Farrer, Director of Planning Services
Trent Elyea, Fire Chief - Regrets
No. 161         Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Seconded by Councillor Edwards
THAT the content of the Council – Planning and Development Agenda for April 16, 2012, be adopted as presented.
  •  Mayor Cooper declared a pecuniary interest with respect to Staff Report P2012-13, as her daughter is employed by Cranberry Resort.
Deputy Mayor Lloyd assumed the Chair.
P2012-13         Authorizing By-law to Execute an amending Site Plan Control Agreement, Project: Cranberry Harbour Castle Hotel Development (Phase 2), Town File No. D11611, Address: 9 & 15 Harbour Street & 300 Balsam Street
No. 162         Moved by Councillor Edwards
Seconded by Councillor Chadwick
THAT Staff Report P2012-13 be received, recommendingCouncil enact and pass an Authorization By-law to execute the amending Site Plan Control Agreement for the “Cranberry Harbour Castle Hotel Development (Phase 2)”.
** Mayor Cooper removed herself from the table and did not participate in the vote or discussion on the above noted matter with respect to her previously declared conflict.
No. 163         Moved by Councillor Edwards
Seconded by Councillor Chadwick
THAT By-law 2012-052, being a by-law to authorize the execution of an amending Site Plan Control Agreement between Law Cranberry Resort Limited, HSBC Bank Canada, and the Corporation of the Town of Collingwood, be enacted and passed this 16th day of April, 2012.
** Mayor Cooper removed herself from the table and did not participate in the vote or discussion on the above noted matter with respect to her previously declared conflict.
Mayor Cooper returned to the table to assume the Chair.
P2012-14         Extension of Draft Approval for a Plan of Subdivision, File No.: D1202511, SDR-2005-04, Project Name: Mair Mills Villages, Civic Address: 260 Mountain Road
No. 164         Moved by Councillor Lloyd
Seconded by Councillor West
THAT Staff Report P2012-14, recommending Council grant an extension of twelve (12) months to the Draft Plan Approval for the Mair Mills Villages Plan of Subdivision, be received.
  • Collins/Hurontario/Cameron Street Redesign Presentation
Brian MacDonald, Manager of Engineering, Robert Voigt, Manager of Planning and Infrastructure and Jim Hartman, Consultant for Greenland Engineering, addressed Council with respect to the Collins/Hurontario/Cameron Street Redesign project.
Mr. Hartman reviewed comments from the public and presented the proposed design. Work is scheduled to begin in late June, and will include lane widening, resurfacing of asphalt, the widening of Hurontario Street, and improvements to storm drainage and sanitary sewers, as well as the replacement of existing lights at the intersection.  
A number of questions from Council were addressed, including those related to sidewalks and bicycle lanes. It was further noted that there are no bicycle lanes in this design, however the curb lane will be built to the “Share the Road” standard.  Mr. Hartman and staff addressed comments from Council.
  • Huron Street and First Street Design
Mr. Ed Houghton presented an overview of the preferred future widening of Huron and First Street in front of the Mountainview Hotel. Mr. Houghton noted that the right of way is restricted by the Mountainview Hotel and if part of the structure were removed, there would be space to include a left turn lane onto Hurontario Street, maintain a consistent street line with First Street and provide additional boulevard space for the continuation of the multi use trail.
Moved by Councillor Chadwick
THAT the meeting of Council be hereby adjourned at 6:17 pm.
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