October 29, 2012 Council Minutes

A meeting of Council was held Monday, October 29, 2012 at the Leisure Time Club, 100 Minnesota Street commencing at 5:00 p.m.

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Members of Council Present:                      
Mayor Cooper
Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Councillor Edwards
Councillor Lloyd
Councillor Chadwick
Councillor Hull
Councillor West
Councillor Cunningham
Councillor Gardhouse
Staff Present:                       
Ed Houghton, Acting Chief Administrative Officer
Sara Almas, Clerk
Larry Irwin, Director of Information Technology
Marta Proctor, Director of Leisure Services
Marjory Leonard, Treasurer
Nancy Farrer, Director of Planning Services
Trent Elyea, Fire Chief
No. 464           Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
  Seconded by CouncillorEdwards
THAT the content of the Council Agenda for October 29th, 2012 be adopted as amended:
-  Addition of Staff Report PRC2012-23 regarding a “Collingwood Museum Partnership Opportunity”
Public Meetings
Mayor Cooper welcomed those in attendance and introduced the Public Meeting format.
Clerk Sara Almas confirmed that notice has been provided with respect to the planning application being heard this evening, in accordance with the Planning Act. Notice was provided, 2012 in the Enterprise Bulletin.
Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment and Plan of Subdivision (Consar)
Ms. Nancy Farrer, Director of Planning Services provided a brief introduction of the planning applications and planner assigned to the file.   Mr. Trevor Houghton, Senior Planner, reviewed the application and reviewed the comments received to date.
The purpose and effectof the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is to rezone the lands to enable the approval of the Consar Plan of Subdivision application also submitted for this same property. The proposed zoning would include a R3 exception zone to allow an increase of lot coverage for a single detached dwelling bungalow from 45% to 50%, and also a R3 exception zone for an enhanced accessory detached building and swimming pool setback from the Tenth Line of 3.0 m.  Other proposed zoning changes include revisions from the existing R3 zone to the REC zone for proposed parkland blocks, and re-alignments of existing Environmental Protection (EP) and Industrial Park (M5) zone boundaries.
The proposed Zoning By-law Amendment would also propose to remove the Holding Three (H3) holding symbol zone from the property.
The purpose and effectof the proposed Plan of Subdivision is to subdivide the subject property into a variety of lots and blocks to permit a residential development and shall also including various servicing, roadway, recreation and environmental protection areas.  The proposed Plan of Subdivision is considering the following residential types;
  • 50 single detached dwellings units (15.0 m lot frontage),
  • 110 single detached dwelling units (12.0 m lot frontage), and
  • 72 townhouse dwelling units.
Mr. Glen Lucas spoke on behalf of the applicant to further explain the details of the application and request Council’s favourable support.
Mayor Cooper called for the first time for comments from the public.
Peter Buxton, 9 Brooke Avenue, noted that his home backs on to the existing trail and inquired if a specific By-law was enacted.  The Director of Planning Services, Nancy Farrer advised that she and staff would investigate and respond directly to Mr. Buxton.
Suzanne Stockie, 37 Brooke Avenue, expressed concern with the proposed high density units and requested that the buffer be extended to lot 52; and noted her concern that the forest to north is dying.
Shelley Wells, 40 Connor Avenue, requested preservation of the existing trees, and presented photographs of the area further illustrating her concerns.  Ms. Wells requested that a creative solution to preserve the hedgerow be contemplated. 
Christine Britton, 7 Brooke Avenue, expressed concern for the Georgian Meadows Trail and read a letter from an 8 year old resident which appeared in the Enterprise Bulletin.
Tracy Ineson, 1 Brooke Ave, expressed concerned about additional poles being installed behind her house and the increase volume of people using her backyard / park.
Mayor Cooper called for the second, third and final time for public comment and closed the public portion of the meeting.
Clarification was requested with respect to noise and odour studies when ‘Street A’ would be extended, requesting that Street A be designed as a future alternative to Mountain Road.  The Director of Planning confirmed and indicated that the timing of that extension is not in the foreseeable future.
Mayor Cooper again welcomed and thanked all those for attending that have specific interest in the proposed gaming facility location discussion.   Mayor Cooper invited the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) representatives to provide their presentation and background as to why OLG is proposing to locate a gaming facility in Zone C7.
OLG Presentation:
Mr. Tony Bitonti provided a detailed background of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, OLG strategic objectives, lottery and gaming in Ontario, use of funds that flow back into the community, gaming sites in Ontario, and the modernization plan of gaming in Ontario.
Mr. Jake Pastore reviewed the potential revenue and benefits to host municipalities and the requirements for establishing new gaming site. 
Mr. Paul Pellizzari reviewed the OLG responsible gaming strategy to prevent and mitigate effects of problem gambling.
Questions from the community:
Mayor Cooper and representatives from the OLG addressed written questions received from the public. 
Mayor Cooper invited the public to speak with respect to the respective at 9:00 p.m.
Edmund Duval expressed his and his wife’s support of having a gaming facility located in Collingwood as it would be good for the municipality and would provide well paying permanent jobs.
Dr. Mark Quigg expressed significant concerns with the negative impacts of gambling addiction and submitted an updated petition signed by 36 physicians in the region opposing any consideration to locate a casino within the C7 area. The physicians are worried about the health and social concerns associated with chronic gambling.  Dr. Quigg submitted a detailed package of information.
Barbara Weider expressed her support of having the casino located at Georgian Manor Resorts as she deems this proposal as a ‘tremendous opportunity for the community’ as the Resort facility is offering to include a Performing Arts Centre as part of their proposal to OLG.  Mrs. Weider also explained that she was aware from a family perspective of the concerns of the addicted and their families, however she implored Council to look at the greater benefits to the community.
Craig Chaveraux expressed his support and noted that despite the fact that he has had an alcohol addiction problem, as many have addictions for various reasons, locating a gaming facility in Collingwood will be a benefit to Collingwood and provide four season economic opportunities.
Angela Lucas advised Council that she is a Registered Nurse and expressed significant concerns of having a gambling facility located in the community and urged Council to reject having the gaming facility located in Collingwood because of the numerous negative impacts it would have on our community.
Amanda Ayers-Clement advised that she was born and raised in the municipality and expressed her support of locating the gaming facility in Collingwood.  Mrs. Ayers-Clement spoke about the difficulty encountered by seasonal service employees who must live with the ‘feast and famine’ of such employment opportunities and advised that the 2011/12 seasons were the worst ever experienced by her family as seasonal service workers.  Mrs.  Ayers-Clement reminded Council that inviting the LCBO to open its store Collingwood did not create alcoholism and believes that locating a gaming facility in the municipality will not create gamblers as individuals with addictive personalities will find a path to try to satisfy those addictions and urged Council to look at the benefits of the gaming facility. 
Darrell Reeder, retired Clinical Psychologist, outlined the scientific neuro-pathways to addiction and expressed his support of the public meeting format, confirmed that he believes that it is Council’s role to make the decision and that a referendum was not required. 
Peter Dunbar expressed his support of the democratic process and for locating the gaming facility in the municipality.  Collingwood is now a tourist destination and this would assist with having visitors stay longer. Collingwood needs to weatherproof events, which in turn will help create additional and better paying service jobs.
Public meeting closed at 8:22 p.m.
Councillor Gardhouse provided the following notice of motion, that will be considered at the next regular meeting of Council:
WHEREAS Council of the Town of Collingwood is considering the Ontario Lottery Gaming’s (OLG) request for proposals to host the proposed C-7 gaming facility expansion within the Town of Collingwood;
AND WHEREAS concerns regarding potential increased local medical and social costs have been expressed by members of the public;
AND WHEREAS the potential annual municipal revenue from the proposed gaming facility operation is approximately $3,000,000.00, and dispersed at the discretion and direction of the host municipality;  
AND WHEREAS it is desirable and proactive for Collingwood Council to enhance the social assistance programs currently offered by OLG and provide a commitment to the community to address potential local challenges of a gaming facility;  
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Corporation of the Town of Collingwood informs the OLG of Collingwood’s interest to host a gaming site within the Municipality;
AND FURTHER THAT Council hereby directs that 10% of the potential OLG municipal contribution be allocated to addressing potential local health issues associated with hosting a gambling facility, said allocation’s terms, function and administration of these funds to be determined by the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Board.  
No. 465           Moved by CouncillorHull
  Seconded by CouncillorWest
THAT Council receive Staff Report PRC2012-23 regarding a “Collingwood Museum Partnership Opportunity” for information purposes;
AND FURTHER THAT Council authorize staff to proceed with entering into an agreement with the Town of the Blue Mountains for the Collingwood Museum to provide shared management, operations and programming of museum services at the Craigleith Depot as outlined in this Report.
Moved by Councillor Cunningham
THAT the meeting of Council be hereby adjourned at 8:28 pm.
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