How to use the Town's new website

How to navigate the site

Simple Search

Just enter what you're looking for in Search Box found on the top right-hand of every page. The results will show every page on this site that contains ALL the terms you've entered.
(for example, parking downtown typed into the Search Box will return all pages that contain both the words parking and downtown anywhere on the pagetry it)

If you want to narrow your search, you can use EXACT PHRASES by entering the words inside "quotation marks".
(for example, "parking downtown" will return all pages that contain the exact phrase parking downtown - try it)

If you want to broaden your search, you can enter FEWER WORDS or you can search for pages that CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE TERM by using "OR" between your search terms
(for example, parking OR downtown will return all pages that contain at least the word parking as well as all pages that contain at least the word downtown - try it).

If you know what information you're looking for, you can check out the A-Z list of services

Advanced Search

In most cases, you should be able to find what you're looking for using the Simple Search Box and the above tips. Howver, you can narrow your search further on the results page by toggling the "Advanced Search Box" where you can limit your search to certain types of content, such as By-laws or News Items. You can also limit your search to specific categories, such as content related to only the Planning Department.

How to get in touch

Contacting Town Staff

If you know the specific person you want to reach, or their job function, you can use the Town Staff Directory to look up appropriate contact information.

If you have a question about a Municipal matter but are uncertain how to direct it, you can use the Contact Us form and choose the "Questions for Town Staff" category.

The Contact Us form can also be used to send feedback about the website or to send a single email to the entire Town Council about a matter that is important to you.

How to submit a local event

We are proud to provide a way for organizers of local events to publicize their community-based events free of charge on our Municipal Events Calendar. Simply use the online Create Communty Events form to submit details about your event to our Events Editor.

How to offer feedback about the website

This website exists to serve the needs of visitors, residents and businesses of Collingwood. If there is something we can do better, please offer your feedback from our Contact Us form by choosing the category "Website Comments" and sending us your thoughts. Every submission will be read and responded to with appreciation.