September 8, 2008 Council Agenda

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A meeting of Council will be held Monday, September 8, 2008 in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Collingwood commencing at 5:00pm

1.                  CALL OF COUNCIL TO ORDER
2.                  ADOPTION OF AGENDA
-         RECOMMENDING that the content of the Council agenda for September 8th, 2008 be adopted as presented.
-         Thank You to Local Heroes (Paul Reid, Charles Schell & Gordon Lesslie), Mayor Carrier
-         New Town Website Launch , Larry Irwin & Dean Reeds
-        Update of Recent Meetings with PGIB, Councillor Foley & Councillor McNabb
5.                  a) ADOPTION OF MINUTES for the Special Meeting of Council August 18th, 2008 (p.4) and the Meeting of Committee of the Whole September 2nd, 2008. (p.10)(errors & omissions)
6.                  CONSENT AGENDA

Consent Agenda
A. 1
Ontario Centre for Municipal Best Practices re: Ontario Municipalities Fixing Leaks to Save Water and Tax Dollars (p.15)
Received for Information
A. 2
Association of Municipalities of Ontario re: Canada and Ontario Sign Major Infrastructure Agreement (p.22)
Received for Information
A. 3
Township of Muskoka Lakes re: Resolution requesting MPAC to improve their operations (p.23)
Received for Information
A. 4
Conservative Government re: Do you support the Conservative Government’s investment in our police and border guards? (p.25)
Received for Information
A. 5
Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority re: A Sign of Clean Water – Drinking Water Protection Area signs (p.27)
Received for Information
A. 6
NVCA re: Environmental agency accepting comments on work plan to protect drinking water (p.29)
Received for Information
A. 7
J. Carleton, Township of Hilliard re: requesting support of Resolution 2008-123 to petition the Ontario Government to allow licensing of Zenn Electric cars in Ontario (p.30)
Direction required
A. 8
B. Crookes re: suggested locations for seniors’ residences in Collingwood (p.32)
Received for Information
A. 9
N. Grant, Township of Galway-Cavendish & Harvey re: resolution to protect water resources (p.33)
Direction required
A. 10
LAS Communication re: New Energy Management Resources Available (p.34)
Received for Information
A. 11
FCM re: Call for applications: transportation projects; Green Municipal Fund low interest loans and grants for sustainable transportation projects (p.36)
Received for information
A. 12
County of Simcoe re: Notice of Public Meeting for Proposed New Official Plan, September 10, 2008 (p.37)
Received for Information
A. 13
City of Owen Sound re: resolution for the Exemption of Sales Tax for Ontario Police Services Purchases (p.38)
Direction Required
A. 14
City of Owen Sound re: resolution for the Exemption of Provincial Sales Tax to Ontario Municipalities (p.39)
Direction Required
A. 15
Town of Milton re: resolution 333-08 supporting a deposit/return system on aluminum and plastic drink containers (p.40)
Direction Required
A. 16
S. McCallum re: Admiral Collingwood Excavation of Dimensional Stone (p.41)
Direction Required
A. 17
J. Warner re: Cat By-law, Town website and other concerns (p.43)
Received for information
A. 18
NVCA re: Board of Directors Meeting August 22, 2008 highlights (p.46)
Received for Information
A. 19
County of Simcoe re: Transportation Master Plan, Notice of Project Completion (p.48)
Received for Information


Mayor’s Correspondence
D. McNulty, Plant Manager, Collingwood Ethanol Newsletter re: background information and addressing concerns (July 2008) (p.53)
Received for Information
M. Elston, Canadian Nuclear Association re: Providing a reference guide with the most up to date information available on electricity generation. (Guide available upon request ~ Mayor’s Office) (p.57)
Received for Information
D. Smith, Theatre Collingwood re: Thanking Members of Council regarding grant funding.(p.58)
Received for Information
K. Ferguson, Clearview Township re: Preferred solution to tie into Collingwood Water System for both Nottawa and Osler Recreation Area. (Copied to Department Heads July 28, 2008) (p.59)
Received for Information
D. Newson, Statistics Canada re: Advising the Town of Collingwood 2006 population and dwelling counts were incorrect ~ Private dwellings have been recompiled and now read as 17,503 persons and 9,448 private dwellings (p.61)
Received for Information
BOOST Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention re: Requesting Council to proclaim the month of October as Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month.(Response attached August 25, 2008) (p.64)
Received for Information
D. Nadler, Collingwood Music Festival re: Thanking Members of Council for continued support of the Collingwood Music Festival. (p.68)
Received for Information
Collingwood Collegiate Institute re: Thanking Members of Council for the contribution towards making the 150 Anniversary of CCI very special. (p.69)
Received for Information
Societe Du 400th Anniversaire de Quebec re: Thanking communities for taking part in celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Quebec by the ringing of the bell July 3, 2008. (p.70)
Received for Information
St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation re: Advising that the Canadian and US Seaway Corporations are undertaking to guard against the introduction of any new species into our waters. (p.71)
Received for Information
Collingwood Ethanol re: Introduction of the new General Manager, Martin Kazmir, and advising the power outage of August 7 at the plant resulted in a partial shutdown resulting in a substantial loss of revenue and an upset of various processes. (p.76)
Received for Information
Clearview Planning Coalition Inc., re: The County’s Official Plan does not represent good community planning and is premature. (p.77)
Received for Information
A. Andrushiw re: Petition for residents that were not interested in having a sidewalk placed on Napier Street south of Hume Street.
(Sent to Councillors and Mr. Houghton August 14, 2008 ~ for information purposes) (p.78)
Received for Information
Mayor of Clearview Township re: Thanking His Worship for having the opportunity to be involved with the Collingwood Festival for Canada. (p.85)
Received for Information

7.                  MOVE INTO COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE (Staff Reports/By-laws if deemed expedient)           
8.               STAFF REPORTS
LS2008-12                   Sesquicentennial Historic Panels – Permanent Placement (p.86)
                        RECOMMENDING THAT Council select an appropriate location for the permanent  display of the Sesquicentennial Historic Panels, be approved
9.                  MOTIONS
-        THAT Council authorize the closure of the Contact Centre, no later than the first fiscal quarter of 2009
10.              BY-LAWS
(To complete the closure of Sidney Street, the Land Registry Office requires the following By-law which encompasses all parts of Sidney Street, including those described in By-laws 06-134 and 2008-101, as previously authorized by Council.)
-          THAT By-law 2008-112, being a By-law to Close the Unopened Road Allowance known as Sidney Street in the Town of Collingwood, be enacted and passed this 8th day of September 2008. (p.89)
11.              NOTICE OF MOTION
12.              OLD or DEFERRED BUSINESS
-         Youth Recognition Program - Play Works, Peter Dunbar, Director of Leisure Services
-         2009 pre-budget request for Sponsorship, National Cross Country Ski Championships
13.              OTHER BUSINESS
-         AMO Conference Review
14.              CONFIRMATORY BY-LAW
-          THAT By-law No. 2008-113, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the Special    meeting of Council held August 18th, 2008, the Committee of the Whole meeting held     September 2nd,  2008 and the regular meeting of Council held September 8th, 2008, be        enacted and passed this 8th day of September, 2008. (p.91)


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