February 25, 2013 Council Minutes

A meeting of Council was held Monday February 25, 2013 in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Collingwood commencing at 5:00pm.

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Members of Council Present:                      
Mayor Cooper
Deputy Mayor Lloyd
Councillor Edwards
Councillor Lloyd
Councillor Chadwick
Councillor Hull
Councillor West
Councillor Cunningham
Councillor Gardhouse
Staff Present:                       
Ed Houghton, Acting Chief Administrative Officer
Sara Almas, Clerk
Larry Irwin, Director of Information Technology 
Marta Proctor, Director of Leisure Services
Marjory Leonard, Treasurer
Nancy Farrer, Director of Planning Services (regrets)
Trent Elyea, Fire Chief (regrets)
Marcus Firman, Manager of Water Services
No. 071           Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
  Seconded by Councillor Edwards
THAT the content of the Council Agenda for February 25th, 2013 be adopted as presented.
  • Councillor West declared a pecuniary interest with respect to the motion pertaining to the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena, as he is working with a group to secure a junior hockey team for our community that would require the use of the facility.           
No. 072           Moved by Councillor Edwards
 Seconded by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
THAT the minutes of theregular meeting of Council held February 11th, 2013, be approved as presented.
  • Council reported on various community events they had attended and announced upcoming events. 
Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment (201 Raglan Street)
Mayor Cooper welcomed those in attendance and introduced the Public Meeting format.
Clerk Sara Almas confirmed that notice has been provided with respect to the planning application being heard this evening, in accordance with the Planning Act. Notice was provided January 25, 2013.
Senior Planner Trevor Houghton reviewed the details of the planning application and comments received to date.
The proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment has been submitted on land legally described as the North Part of Lot 42, Concession 7, being Part 1 on Reference Plan 51R-27240 in the Town of Collingwood, County of Simcoe and is municipally addressed as 201 Raglan Street.
The purpose and effect of the proposed Official Plan Amendment is to re-designate the subject property from the site specific Highway Commercial Three (HC-3) land use designation to the Highway Commercial land use designation and the Special Policy-Health Services overlay. The Official Plan Amendment will increase the range of commercial uses for the property and will also add medical uses, and it will also delete permission for seven residential units.
The purpose and effect of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is;
  1. To remove the requirement of the Holding Fifteen (H15) symbol currently applicable on the property as the permission for seven residential units is to be deleted;
  2. To increase the range of commercial uses for the site including adding medical uses; and
  3. To decrease the minimum front and exterior side yard, decrease the setback of a delivery space to a street and to reduce the parking requirements for a medical clinic.
Ms. Shelley Wells, Plan Wells Associates consultant on behalf of the applicant, further reviewed the details of the application and requested Councils favourable consideration.
Mayor Cooper called for the first time for comments from the public.
Mr. Larry Dunn, owner of lands to the south and east of the subject property, noted that he is not opposed to the proposed development, but does express concern with access to the site.  Mr. Dunn requested the access point accommodates both his and the applicants properties and further requested staff to impose a condition to have the applicant enter into a cost sharing agreement with Mr. Dunn’s company to share the costs of the design and construction to accommodate both properties. 
Mayor Cooper called for the second, third and final time for comments from the public. No further comments were made thus closing the public portion of the public meetingat 5:39pm.
Council requested clarification with respect to additional access onto Hume Street, access to the service road and whether it services both properties, the development of sidewalks along Hume Street and the reduction of parking spaces.  Mr. Ed Houghton noted that a traffic signal is proposed for the intersection of Raglan and Hume Streets.  Ms. Wells confirmed the parking reduction from the required approx. 51 to approx. 49 parking spaces, noting it is relatively minor.
No. 073           Moved by Councillor Lloyd
  Seconded by Councillor West
THAT the General Consent Agenda, having been given due consideration by Council, be received.


General Consent Items
Town of Blue Mountains and Town of Wasaga Beach re: Southern Georgian Shoreline Initiative (SGBSI)
Received for Information
Consul-General of Japan re: Update on recent developments in Japan and Japan - Canada relations
Received for Information
Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) re:  Municipal  Planning Partnership Agreement (motion prepared to support, subject to minor revisions as may be deemed necessary by Planning Services and Engineering)
Direction Required
Town of Collingwood - Water Compliance Report
Received for Information
Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, letter to President Obama and Prime Minister Harper re: Water level crisis on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence
Received for Information

A.3       Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) re: Municipal Planning Partnership Agreement
No. 074           Moved by Councillor Lloyd
  Seconded by Councillor Chadwick
THAT Council support the Municipal Planning Partnership Agreement between the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority and the Town of Collingwood, subject to minor revisions as may be deemed necessary by Planning Services and Engineering.
A.4       Town of Collingwood - Water Compliance Report
            Council acknowledged the Town’s 100% compliance rating as noted in the report, thanking staff for their due diligence in keeping the Town’s drinking water safe.
T2013-04         Use and Allocation of the Share Sale and Dividend Funds
No. 075           Moved by Deputy Mayor Lloyd
  Seconded by Councillor Cunningham
THAT Council receive Staff Report T2013-04 including all the public comments and input on the use of the “funds”, and deliberate the use during the upcoming budget discussions.
No. 076           Moved by Councillor Chadwick
  Seconded by Councillor West
THAT this Council proceeds in Camera in order to address a matter pertaining to:
checked advice that is subject to solicitor/client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose.
Items for Discussion: a) Pretty River Academy Legal Advice
  • Additional Gaming Information (Requested December 17th)
Mayor Cooper reviewed comments from various municipal Mayors who currently have a casino within its community.
Acting CAO Ed Houghton reviewed the memo provided with regard to additional gaming information and integrated destination resort communities to Council.  Mr. Houghton introduced Mr. Larry Dunn and Mr. Steve Wolstenholme to further explain the benefits of such a resort.  Mr. Wolstenholme, an industry expert, reviewed his experiences with gaming facilities and integrated destination resorts, how such a development could benefit Collingwood and the importance of partnerships.
Council inquired to how the OLG will proceed with the other municipalities if the Town of Collingwood proceeds with a destination resort casino, and request the OLG determine what is acceptable in the C7 zone with respect to a gaming facility. Acting CAO Houghton suggested that the Town express its interest to the OLG if the Town can develop an integrated destination resort with a boutique casino attached to it as long as it meets the needs of the Town.
Council requested clarification of matters pertaining to requirements of the OLG, impact on other municipalities in our region, average wages of resort positions, phasing in such a development, the expression of interest process, public consultation, land requirements, and interest of potential investors.
Councillor Lloyd provided the following draft notice of motion:
THAT Council directs staff to advise the OLG that Collingwood is not interested in a standalone 300 slot machine gaming facility in the C-7 Region;  and
THAT Council hereby agree that the development of an Integrated Destination Resort which includes but is not limited to the construction of a world class accommodation hotel, executive meeting and convention facilities, a large seating capacity theatre, restaurants, spa and boutique casino would benefit the economic growth of the community; and
THAT any such development would require the Town of Collingwood to be a host municipality for a new gaming facility and on negotiations with private sector operators with regards to what type of potential gaming facility and resort development are acceptable for this Town to further consider becoming a host community; and
THAT any agreement would be subject to negotiations with potential private service sector operators and to notify the OLG of our interest in further pursing this opportunity; and
THAT in the interim staff prepared a report on how best to engage the public in any final decision.
The below motion was previously provided by Councillor Hull and deferred from January 28, 2013 (pending review of Staff Report T2013-04)
No. 077           Moved by Councillor Hull
  Seconded by Councillor Gardhouse
WHEREAS on January 23, 2012, The Corporation of the Town of Collingwood sold 50% of Collingwood Utility Services Corporation to our new partner PowerStream Incorporated, enacted through the passing of By-law 2012-011;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED as these COLLUS shares were owned by the taxpayers and residents of Collingwood that the total proceeds as they are received be held in an interest bearing account until the following is completed by the Municipality: 
  1. Identify a minimum of three strategic opportunities for the use of the proceeds on behalf of the taxpayers;
  2. The preparation of Staff Reports for each of the identified opportunities outlining the economic and social benefits and financial investment of each opportunity;
  3. And lastly, hold further public dialogue to engage the citizens of the Town of Collingwood for their input and comments on the various opportunities identified by Council and Staff to ensure that the proceeds of this public sale are being used in the best interest of the taxpayers and residents of the Town of Collingwood. 
The below motion was previously provided by Councillor Hull and deferred from February 11, 2013
No. 078           Moved by Councillor Hull
  Seconded by Councillor Gardhouse
THAT Council of the Corporation of the Town of Collingwood direct that the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena be maintained in its current use until a feasible study is completed and considered by Council;
AND FURTHER THAT Staff be requested to prepare a report for Council’s review not later than March 17, 2013 that defines the scope of a feasibility study that includes consideration for refurbishing or repurposing the facility and further identifies the historical, economic, and social impacts of each option, and provides recommendations on appropriate resources to complete the study.
R. Lloyd
K. Lloyd
West (conflict)
DEFEATED (recorded vote)
*   Councillor West declared a pecuniary interest to the above matter, removing himself from the discussion and vote.
Council proceeded to in-camera session as previously resolved. (8:00pm)
Moved by Councillor Cunningham
Seconded by Councillor West
THAT Council rise from in-camera and return to public session. (9:05pm)
No. 079           Moved by Councillor West
  Seconded by Councillor Chadwick
THAT By-law No. 2013-016, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the regular meeting of Council held February 25th, 2013 be enacted and passed this 25th day of February, 2013.
Moved by Councillor West
THAT the meeting of Council be hereby adjourned at 9:06 pm.
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