Code of Conduct for Members of Council

Town of Collingwood

Members of Council


Attaining an elected position within one's community is a privilege which carries significant responsibilities and obligations. Members of Council (comprising the Mayor, Deputy-Mayor and Councillors) are held to a high standard as leaders of the community and they are expected to become well informed on all aspects of municipal governance, administration, planning and operations. They are also expected to carry out their duties in a fair, impartial, transparent and professional manner.

The key stakeholders, although obvious at first, represent a broad base of interests and concerns which require fair and open attention, adjudication and disposition. These key stakeholders include but are not limited to;

- Residents - Province of Ontario

-Taxpayers - Simcoe County
- Staff - School Boards and Other Public Agencies
- Development Industry - Suppliers
- Ratepayers Associations- Other Members of Council
- Chambers of Commerce - Business Improvement Areas (BIAs)

To assist Town of Collingwood Members of Council in interacting effectively with all stakeholders, the following obligations are expected of each of them;

  1. That they solemnly promise, declare and carry out their responsibilities as prescribed in the Oath of Office,
  2. That they learn and follow the Procedural By-law for Council and its Committees,
  3. That they read, understand and follow the provisions of the Municipal Act and Municipal Conflict of Interest Act which apply directly and indirectly to the role of Member of Council and

A "Code of Conduct" for Members of Council has been prepared for their personal review and reference so as to;

  1. augment communication to the public in the role and integrity of municipal politicians in the Town of Collingwood,
  2. to provide present and future Councils with additional assistance and guidelines as they perform their elected duties and responsibilities and
  3. to assist Members of Council in providing leadership by example to staff.

It is hoped that this will be viewed by each Member of Council as a valuable added resource and guideline to assist them in fulfilling their mandate in an effective, open and efficient manner.

**To view the full document, please download the pdf document below.

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