Construction Value by Sq. Ft. & Type of Construction 2009-2018

For years 2009 to 2018 monthly and year-to-date information about the number of square feet of new construction, renovations and additions broken down by residential, commercial and industrial construction, along with associated dollar value.

Construction, Square Ft. Type 2009 (PDF)11.51 KB
Construction, Square Ft. Type 2010 (PDF)11.58 KB
Construction, Square Ft. Type 2011 (PDF)14.58 KB
Construction, Square Ft. Type 2012 (PDF)10.9 KB
Construction value, type, sq. ft. 2013 (PDF)28 KB
Construction, Value Type 2014.pdf41.19 KB
Construction values by type & sq. ft. 2015.pdf40.55 KB
2016 Value by type report.pdf40.97 KB
2017 Construction Value_By Type & Sq Footage.pdf66.2 KB
Construction Value_By Type & Sq Footage_Dec 2018.pdf209.48 KB